Scott Ryan Talks Twin Peaks, Lynch, Podcasts & His New Magazine

Writer & Podcaster Scott Ryan joined me for the first interview on “25 Years Later” where we discussed his many projects as well as Twin Peaks, David Lynch films and more. It was a really enjoyable discussion that I hope you enjoy reading as much as I did talking to Scott. Please be sure to check out the links provided throughout the interview to find out more about Scott’s many projects and ventures.

Scott, thank you for being the first interview here on “25 Years Later”. I definitely want to talk about your new project, The Blue Rose Magazine, but let’s start with your podcast The Red Room Podcast. How did that show come to be and what are some of your favorite experiences from the show so far?

The Podcast was my Co-host Joshua Minton’s idea. I didn’t even know what a podcast was in 2011. Now I have 4 of them: Red Room, Scott Luck Stories, thirtysomething and Big Bad Buffy Interviews. I can’t seem to stop it. I have had so many wonderful experiences on the show; it seems crazy to pick. I think the highlight for me was interviewing Glenn Gordon Caron. He created Moonlighting and was a huge influence on my writing. I spoke with Sherilyn Fenn, which was mind-blowing. I was so in love with her when I was 20… and who are we kidding I am still in love with her. But I also like our smaller episodes. In the beginning we did some really interesting topics like how TV covers violence against women, we ranked the top 100 characters of all time and we did a show on if Nudity helps or hurts a series. It has been so much fun.

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One of my favorite episodes of The Red Room Podcast is fairly recent—the episode where you discussed The Secret History of Twin Peaks with special guest John Thorne. Something I wanted to ask you is, have your feelings towards the book changed at all since that episode was recorded and how much of the book’s presence do you expect to be felt in the series, if at all? 

Man, that show was one of the most exciting things we ever did. I am going to give you a scoop. Fifteen minutes before we recorded that episode, everything changed. I was going to go on air and say the book was awful. Before we recorded, I called John and we ended up cracking the date on the Moon landing together. That is when we started to realize the book was purposely created with errors. So we started recording the episode, and basically we are making up those theories live on the air. I am so glad I didn’t say anything bad about the book because I think it really is a cool piece of literature. In many ways, I think Mark Frost wrote it for nerds like me. He wanted to make us think and he did. I love that.

Now, how much do I think that book will affect Season 3? I say not a bit. My guess is, you will see the box the documents were found in and Cooper might come across it, but I don’t think the book will matter much. It will only widen the picture. I think Mark had something to say about the way our government tells us lies and how eagerly we have believed them since 1776.

You recently hosted a screening of Fire Walk With Me in Columbus. Was this something you had wanted to do for a while, and what was that experience like for you?

It was the first time I had seen FWWM on film and on the big screen since August 1992. It was beautiful. I loved every imperfection that popped on that old 35 mm. They also screened my documentary, A Voyage To Twin Peaks in front of it. I never realized how much my documentary covered FWWM. They played really well back to back. In my Documentary, I jump out of the bushes like Mrs Tremond’s Grandson. When that part played in FWWM, the audience laughed cause they were thinking about me jumping. That is an experience I will never forget.

link to my movie:

The evening was so much fun. We met some great Twin Peaks fans. I don’t know how I can forget because I meet TP fans all the time, but it really rejuvenated my excitement for interacting with fans. It was great.


Switching over to The Blue Rose Magazine. I really enjoyed the first issue and am eagerly anticipating the next. How would you describe the project to someone who hasn’t read the first issue yet and what teases can you give us readers for future issues? 

The Blue Rose is a magazine that is dedicated to the world of Twin Peaks and the works of Lynch/Frost. We want to cover the world of Twin Peaks a little slower than a blog or a podcast. In 2017, a show airs and everyone talks about it and that night someone does a podcast, writes a blog and in 3 days it is forgotten about and we are on to the next new show. We want to slow down the time frame and study the world of Twin Peaks. In Issue #1, John’s review of Mark Frost’s book is so thoughtful; it just wouldn’t be something you would read on Buzz Feed. But also, we want the magazine to be fun. So we also have more lighthearted articles. That is where I come in. 

Issue #2 is going to be so good; I don’t know how we will top it. We have an interview with Jennifer Lynch about the Laura Palmer Diary. Courtenay Stallings and I also write articles that are kind of about the Diary. We have a Mark Frost interview and Robert Engels. As well as new essays. We suggest that you preorder as we give a discounted price for preorders and subscriptions. We are cooking up an amazing plan for Issue 3 but not sure I can tell yet, in case we don’t do it. I think we will though. It will be a must-have keepsake.

Yesterday you announced that Issue #2 will come with an official 6×8 Twin Peaks card from Showtime, which is an insanely cool promotion. Did Showtime reach out to you with this offer or was this something you pursued? 

Oh, I have been pursuing this for months. I went after them in every avenue I could find. Twitter, email and John even went to Showtime when he was in New York. Do you know how we finally got them? An old fashioned Letter. Yes, I actually wrote a letter, printed it and put a stamp on it. It worked. Having Showtime partner with us with a promotional card for fans is something I never thought would happen. I am so excited to be able to give these away to our subscribers. With each Issue #2, you purchase you get that many cards. We only have one version of the card and its a Laura/Cooper card. I haven’t seen them yet, but they should really be cool. We are getting 1250. So order now. Once the series starts, who knows how many people will order.

This is more of a request than a question: Please tell me that a future issue of The Blue Rose Magazine will feature a debate between yourself and John Thorne over his dream theory from Fire Walk With Me.

Well, that may or may not be a necessity. If any character mentions Agent Desmond, John’s dream theory is no more. I have given John grief over his theory for years. But I have to say; he really has it backed up. He has an answer for each item. Now, I think he is wrong, but that is what we love about Twin Peaks. I think the new Twin Peaks will officially wrap that Dream Theory in plastic and put a few letters under its fingernails. But if there is something to debate about it, you can count on us doing it.

Now I will tell you, the debate I really want to do in the BRM is about Wild At Heart. I love that movie and John doesn’t. That is the debate I want to have. I am hoping in Issue 5 or 6 to write an essay called, “In Defense of Lula and Sailor”.

May 21st is rapidly approaching and we will be seeing new episodes of Twin Peaks – something most of us never thought we would see. Have you been doing a series re-watch or anything to in anticipation?

I haven’t watched Twin Peaks in probably three years. Whenever the Blu-Ray came out was the last time I watched it. I have seen it so many times; I had no desire to do another pass through it. I actually think rewatching it is a mistake. I don’t think you are going to want to compare and contrast them so closely. I would be shocked if David Lynch rewatched it. I think this new Twin Peaks is going to be what Lynch remembered of Season 1,2 not what actually played.

Who are some of the new cast members you are most interested in seeing in Twin Peaks?

Believe this or not, I have never read the cast list. I hate spoilers. I am almost positive that no one in the world knows less about Showtime’s Twin Peaks than I do. I have stayed away from all of it. I can tell you I don’t even know if Ben Horne is in this new Twin Peaks or not. I don’t wanna know. I want to open my mind to May 21st and have nothing blocking what Lynch created. I don’t have one expectation. I am going to study it, appreciate it and then cover it with the seriousness that this new work deserves. 

Twin Peaks changed me back in 1990. I am looking forward to being moved and changed again.

Final question: Give us one prediction for the new episodes of Twin Peaks

Well, I’ll tell you two things…like the giant. I would LIKE the first image we see to be someone looking in the mirror because that is how it began and ended. (Began with Jose, ended with Cooper). And, I would really like it if Laura remains the hero. My favorite part of Twin Peaks is that Laura is the victor. I am hoping she rescues Cooper and that in the end, Cooper is sitting in the chair and Laura is standing over him as Cooper weeps with joy. I think that would be a great ending. But remember, all expectations are as evil as Windom Earle babysitting Leo Johnson. Go in with your mind fresh, but those two things would be really cool. 

Thank you so much, Scott, for taking the time to talk to me. Anything in closing you would like to say to those reading this?

Thanks for asking me. I love talking about Twin Peaks. I have been so fortunate to get to help spread the word of something that I love so much. People can check out my website for my blogs and books. They can also subscribe to the BRM and help bring print journalism back to life at  The response from fans has been very encouraging so far. I am lucky to get to work with John and Courtenay as well as all our writers and staff. Thanks for all your support.

Written by Andrew Grevas

Andrew is the Founder / Editor in Chief of 25YL. He’s engaged with 2 sons, a staunch defender of the series finales for both Lost & The Sopranos and watched Twin Peaks at the age of 5 during its original run, which explains a lot about his personality.

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