The Waiting Room: Week 2

Welcome back to “The Waiting Room” for my 2nd edition of this weekly blog. Like I said last week, this will be my weekly outlet to discuss the latest part ( not episodes) of Twin Peaks. But alas, we are still 13 days shy so tonight’s update will be prediction based and site news once again.

I am truly humbled by the number of people that checked out our page for opening weekend. I think I can speak on behalf of all of the writers here for 25 Years Later when I say that we did not expect that kind of response. We started our own Facebook group and Twitter account as a way to not only get the word out about us but also to try and create additional places for us to have conversations about the things we write. Ultimately, we’re fans who want to talk about Twin Peaks as much as possible. Hopefully, the Facebook group will be a cool place for us to have those conversations.

An idea we’ve been kicking around is a feature on Twin Peaks debates. I was listening to the Bickering Peaks podcast episode called “Who Really Killed Laura Palmer” and it got me thinking: people have differing opinions on how accountable Leland was in the death of his daughter. It would be cool to have two people who disagree each write their case and then have readers decide who made a more compelling argument. The wheels kept turning. Why stop at the Leland / BOB discussion. There’s a lot of debatable points in the Twin Peaks universe. So I reached out to Bickering Peaks co-host (and 25 Years Later writer) Lindsay and pitched the idea to her. She loved it and it’s going to be her thing: she’s going to come up with different debatable issues and then find people who want to participate — really looking forward to that.

Switching gears, I’ve been reading and listening to a lot of speculation on the return of Twin Peaks lately. I made a few predictions in my last “The Waiting Room” column, but I wanted to talk this week about my thoughts on the tone of the show’s return. I am not one of those people that thinks we’re getting Inland Empire the TV show. Nor do I think it’s going to be 18 hours of Fire Walk With Me. I don’t think it’s going to venture off into X-Files territory after reading “The Secret History of Twin Peaks” either. I think it’s going to be Twin Peaks, just modernized, a little amped up because its on cable this time and probably a bit more Fire Walk With Me at times but not so dark that we’re all going to need a social media group hug afterwards. To be clear, I think what we’re going to get is more closely in line with what Lynch originally wanted to give us in Fire Walk With Me but couldn’t because of time: the entire Twin Peaks experience. There will be scary. There will be violent. There will be sad. There’s also the funny – something the film didn’t have the time to show us. There’s also the sweet, the romantic, the youthful curiosity, the adventure…the original show hit on damn near every human emotion there was to hit on. That’s why we love Twin Peaks so much. We had mystery and mythology of course, but we also had real genuine human feelings—and a lot of them. Twin Peaks‘ legacy is often how unorthodox the show was. Far too often, people fail to remember that the show gave us the entire human spectrum of emotions.

I am expecting to laugh with Andy and Lucy in the show’s return. I’m expecting to wonder what the hell Cooper is capable of….and to be scared by the results. I’m expecting that Big Ed and Norma will break my heart again. Some of the new faces will probably bring that wide-eyed wonder that James and Donna had in the original series before Laura’s killer was discovered. By no means am I expecting “Twin Peaks: The Greatest Hits Nostalgia Show”. Lynch and Frost aren’t the types. However, they are artists in every sense of the word, and given how much time they’ve had to work on this, I have no reason to doubt that they will tug on every emotion they possibly can once again.

Next week in my final “pre Season 3” edition of this column I’m planning on making a few more specific predictions. Until then we have a lot of new content on the site including a podcast roundup where John fills you in on what went down in every podcast over the past week. I have fun interviews with Lindsay and Aiden from Bickering Peaks and another with Scott Ryan from The Blue Rose Magazine up, as well as a lot of other cool stuff. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the trees…

Written by Andrew Grevas

Andrew is the Founder / Editor in Chief of 25YL. He’s engaged with 2 sons, a staunch defender of the series finales for both Lost & The Sopranos and watched Twin Peaks at the age of 5 during its original run, which explains a lot about his personality.


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  1. I would love to feature in a debate if you are looking for writers.
    I agree entirely with your thoughts on what the new Season will bring. I don’t think it will be as intense as FWWM was as it is for a TV audience but there certainly will still be darkness present. It’s the juxtaposition with humour that made me fall in love with it!

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