The Team

25 Years Later is a site dedicated to reaching audiences both old and new to the world of Twin Peaks, the Films of David Lynch and associated Cult Television, Film and Book experiences. It is our goal to inspire imaginations, engage the community in discussion and further continue the legacy of one of the greatest shows on Television.

For more information on the contributors and collaborators of the 25 Years Later project, you can contact them or visit their other pages at the locations and addresses provided.

Thank you for taking the time to peruse 25 Years Later. We’ll see you in the trees!

Andrew Grevas: Editor-in-Chief, Founder

Lindsay Stamhuis: Executive Editor, Style Manager, Columnist 

John Bernardy: Associate Editor, Columnist

  • Email:

Eileen G. Mykkels: Associate Editor, Columnist, Co-Webmaster

Laura Stewart: Associate Editor, Columnist

J.C.Hotchkiss: Associate Editor, Staff Writer

Brien Allen: Columnist

  • Email:
  • Reddit: u/catnapspirit

Cheryl Lee Latter: Columnist 

  • Email:

Justin Mazaleski: Columnist

  • Email:

Twin Petes: Columnist

  • Twitter: @Twin_Petes
  • Instagram: Twin_Petes

Jacquie Allen: Staff Writer

Matt Armitage: Staff Writer, Co-Webmaster

Amanda Dugan: Staff Writer

  • @DuganAmanda
  • Amanda Osborne (FB)

Mat Cult: Staff Writer

  • Twitter: @MatGost
  • Email:

Douglas Cunningham: Staff Writer

Gisela Fleischer: Staff Writer

Stewart Gardiner: Staff Writer

  • Twitter: @StewartGardiner

Yvette Giles: Staff Writer

  • Twitter: @y_vet
Rob E. King: Staff Writer

Ali Sciarabba: Staff Writer

  • Twitter: @alimscribbles

Jon Sheasby: Staff Writer

S. C. Penny: Staff Writer

  • Email:


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