Favorite New Character: Ask the Podcasters

Prior to Part 7 airing, 25 Years Later reached out to several of our podcaster friends and asked them to participate in a 5-question survey. Some podcasts answered with their co-hosts and some separate. The podcasts that submitted survey answers are: Twin Peaks Season 3 Podcast, There Will Be Drinking Podcast, Bickering Peaks, Deer Meadow Radio, Gifted & The Damned Podcast, Twin Peaks Podcast, Who Killed Laura Palmer Podcast, Mr. Podcast, Sparkwood & 21, Wrapped in Podcast, I’m Worried About Coop, Jubel from Counter Esperanto and Time For Cakes & Ale. Remember, the voting only covers the first third of the season but we’re sure Part 8 will be well represented in our “Year End Awards”.


Andy (Twin Peaks Season 3 Podcast) : The evolution of the arm


Murda (There Will Be Drinking Podcast): DoppelCooper AKA Poopy Coopy. He may not win best dresser, even in South Dakota, but he has built himself a pretty badass crime network. And anyone who can punch in numbers that quickly in a phone deserves an award. Plus, it gives us an excuse to say poopy on each weeks’ podcast.


Cait (There Will Be Drinking Podcast): I’m obsessed with Jade the sex worker. We may never see her again, but she was so helpful and nice to the wayward Dougie. Plus, she drove a great Jeep. I would hang out with her anytime.


Bickering Peaks: We haven’t really seen any new characters whom we love yet–all these guys are deliciously evil but they’re not favourites. Aidan really loves Constance, the CSI tech in Buckhorn who really missed her calling as a stand up comedian. Lindsay’s opinion of Janey-E changed dramatically after the scene in Part 6 where she squares off against the bookies. Let’s go with those two!


Deer Meadow Radio: Richard Horne (Not that I like the guy obviously, but he did ramp things up) 


Bubba (Gifted & The Damned Podcast): Lady Slot-Addict. In two-episodes, she and Mr. Jackpots went thru the entire relationship dynamic that went between Albert and Sheriff Truman.


Mork (Gifted & The Damned Podcast): Mr. C, then Evolved Arm, then anyone but Doris.  Does Diane count?  Highest hopes for her. 


Matt (Twin Peaks Podcast): Red, Jade, Richard Horne… can’t decide


Scott (Who Killed Laura Palmer Podcast): Wally Brando! Michael Cera was so ridiculous and silly. I laughed hard at that scene!


Chris (Who Killed Laura Palmer Podcast):  Wally Brando


Sparkwood & 21: Janey E -Em / Janey E -Steve /  Mr. C. -Paul


Claude (Mr. Podcast): Red (Balthazar Getty)


Justin (Mr. Podcast):  Red


“Wrapped in Podcast” team (J.R. Parker, Ken Walczak, and T. Kyle King): Buckhorn Police Department CSI Constance Talbot, who is professional, tenacious, competent, and funny.


Becks & Eeson (TFCAA): Sheriff Frank Truman


Jubel (Counter Esperanto): Without copping out and saying “Mr. C” or Dougie, which is an old character twisted into a new form, I will have to say Matthew Lillard as Bill Hastings is a standout performance, and it is very easy to get a Leland Palmer vibe off of him.  It must be difficult to manage the particular tone of this character (his nervousness, sliding into fear, then rage, then despair is masterful acting).


I’m Worried About Coop: WALLY BRANDO. If we answer “Wally Brando” for everything, does our podcast get deleted?


Who was your favorite new character in Parts 1-6? Comment and let us know! Also please be sure to check out these podcasts and John Bernardy’s weekly podcast review here on the site!

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