Moment Furthest From Your Expectations: Ask the Podcasters

Prior to Part 7 airing, 25 Years Later reached out to several of our podcaster friends and asked them to participate in a 5-question survey. Some podcasts answered with their co-hosts and some separate. The podcasts that submitted survey answers are: Twin Peaks Season 3 Podcast, There Will Be Drinking Podcast, Bickering Peaks, Deer Meadow Radio, Gifted & The Damned Podcast, Twin Peaks Podcast, Who Killed Laura Palmer Podcast, Mr. Podcast, Sparkwood & 21, Wrapped in Podcast, I’m Worried About Coop, Jubel from Counter Esperanto and Time For Cakes & Ale. Remember, the voting only covers the first third of the season but we’re sure Part 8 will be well represented in our “Year End Awards”.


Andy (Twin Peaks Season 3 Podcast) : The violet world and the spaceship(?) sequence.


Murda (There Will Be Drinking Podcast): Can I say the box experiment in New York again? Seriously, what the hell is going on there?!?


Cait (There Will Be Drinking Podcast): Michael Cera as Wally, so far out of anything I could have guessed.


Bickering Peaks: Aidan: Bad Cooper appearing in the first third of Part 1 was a surprise. He also addressed the mythology and the Black Lodge so directly in his talk with Darya before killing her which was a bit of a shock, though I liked that.  Lindsay: I was a bit surprised to see Agent Cooper “get out” so early. However, that was an early shock and now that we’re six hours in, I feel like it makes way more sense for it to have happened early the way it did.


Deer Meadow Radio: The whole Dougie storyline (loving it though )


Bubba (Gifted & The Damned Podcast): The manufactured Dougie Jones was a shock. I expected 2 doppelgangers but a 3rd?!?


Mork (Gifted & The Damned Podcast): If not for the book, NY Glass Box would be.  But all things considered, that Heidi hasn’t been fired for crossing the line with customers. 


Matt (Twin Peaks Podcast): Beginning of episode 3 in the purple room/space. Hated it.


Scott (Who Killed Laura Palmer Podcast):  The Eraserhead-like purple realm when Coop was Nonexistent. The blind woman and the floating box in space was so mind blowing. So different than what I expected. 


Chris (Who Killed Laura Palmer Podcast):  That gray sort of statue man that floated away from the prison cell still haunts me.


Sparkwood & 21: For some reason, the first moment we see Mr. C answers this the most even though I did expect something like it. -Em / Any of the really violent moments will do. – Steve /  Hit and Run. -Paul


Claude (Mr. Podcast): Every single second in the Purple Place with the Eyeless Woman/American Girl/Cooper going through electrical socket (tied with Laura taking her face off!)


Justin (Mr. Podcast): Dougie!


“Wrapped in Podcast” team (J.R. Parker, Ken Walczak, and T. Kyle King): Wally Brando’s soliloquy, which no one possibly could have seen coming.


Becks & Eeson (TFCAA): The introduction of Bad Coop.


Jubel (Counter Esperanto): The Awl Murders in episode 6 came as a complete surprise, as did the sheer amount of gore in that scene.  Violence has always been present in the work of David Lynch, but that was just gonzo.  Loved it!


I’m Worried About Coop: Dan: Cooper coming back as Dougie. Autumn: That we’re in Las Vegas at all, and the Las Vegas plotline as a whole. 


What was the moment furthest from your expectations in Parts 1-6? Comment and let us know! Also please be sure to check out these podcasts and also John Bernardy’s weekly podcast review!


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