One Prediction: Ask the Podcasters

Prior to Part 7 airing, 25 Years Later reached out to several of our podcaster friends and asked them to participate in a 5-question survey. Some podcasts answered with their co-hosts and some separate. The podcasts that submitted survey answers are: Twin Peaks Season 3 Podcast, There Will Be Drinking Podcast, Bickering Peaks, Deer Meadow Radio, Gifted & The Damned Podcast, Twin Peaks Podcast, Who Killed Laura Palmer Podcast, Mr. Podcast, Sparkwood & 21, Wrapped in Podcast, I’m Worried About Coop, Jubel from Counter Esperanto and Time For Cakes & Ale. Remember, the voting only covers the first third of the season but we’re sure Part 8 will be well represented in our “Year End Awards”.

  Andy (Twin Peaks Season 3 Podcast) : That Hawk will enter the Lodge and save Cooper.

 Murda (There Will Be Drinking Podcast): The new magical baddie Red is an entity very similar to DoppelCooper. I think we will be introduced to many versions of DoppelCooper throughout the rest of the series.

 Cait (There Will Be Drinking Podcast): Audrey Horne is the mysterious Billionaire.

 Bickering Peaks:  Aidan: Oh fuck…/ Lindsay: What Aidan said.

 Deer Meadow Radio: His name is Windom…. Windom Earle.. 

 Bubba (Gifted & The Damned Podcast):  Characters will think they’re with sweet DougieCoop when it’s really Mr. C, and then BOB will enter DougieCoop.

 Mork (Gifted & The Damned Podcast): Gordon Cole and Coop will be adversaries at the end.  Don’t think Gordon becomes Windham Earle, but…

 Matt (Twin Peaks Podcast): Laura is in the real world, alive somehow

 Scott (Who Killed Laura Palmer Podcast): Cooper will return to Twin Peaks and regain his strength and defeat his Doppelgänger. Hopefully we will get some closure on the people above the convenience store. I think they are aliens

 Chris (Who Killed Laura Palmer Podcast):  Audrey and Dale, much as we may want, will probably not end up together.

 Sparkwood & 21: Coop will finally be recognizable as the Coop we remember very soon. I think it will happen in Part 7. -Em /  Pain.-Steve /  One or more beloved characters from the original series dying -Paul

 Claude (Mr. Podcast): Cooper will die in the end (to save Twin Peaks)

 Justin (Mr. Podcast): We’ll see the RR again

“Wrapped in Podcast” team (J.R. Parker, Ken Walczak, and T. Kyle King): Red will be revealed to be Mrs. Tremond’s grandson, who was learning magic when we last saw him as a youngster.

 Becks & Eeson (TFCAA): David Bowie reprises his role as Phillip Jeffries.

 Jubel (Counter Esperanto): My prediction is that the Cooper we know and love is never coming back. Besides the Dougie situation, he is fractured (and would therefore need some form of reintegration with Mr. C. Not holding my breath), has suffered 25 years of emotional trauma, the loss of those years, and has been “reborn” to an unfamiliar world.  He may of course regain cognition beyond the eggplant that is Dougie, but I believe that the underlying theme of The Return is that while one may indeed return, “you can’t go home again.”  Honestly, I’m ok with that.  If I want a bright-eyed and brilliant pie-chomping Agent Cooper, I have the original series on Blu-Ray on my shelf.

 I’m Worried About Coop: Dan: We get full power Cooper by the midway point of the season. Autumn: We never get full power Cooper!

Have a prediction you want to share with us? Drop us a line and let us know! Please be sure to check out these podcasts and also to check out John Bernardy’s weekly podcast review!

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