Who Killed Ruth Davenport? Part 13, What Story is that Charlie?

Hi everyone, and welcome back to Buck….. actually scratch that! No Buckhorn this week, so we are taking a trip to Montana! and Las Vegas!

Part 13 was certainly full of nostalgia and despite some pretty hairy moments was probably the one episode I smiled most of the way through. Candie’s absolute joy at delivering the gifts from the Mitchum Brothers to Bushnell at Lucky 7 Insurance was so infectious!  What a fantastic character she is, absolutely adorable. Whatever terrible past we assume she has had (I’m still wondering if she’s any relation to Cooper) she is still filled with complete elation at bringing other people happiness. She’s like a fallen angel.

The opening scenes of the pink ladies, the Mitchum Bros and Dougiecoop all dancing the conga into the office, accompanied by perhaps the strangest slot machine game music ever heard, was a moment in Twin Peaks to treasure forever. Dougie seemed to be having so much fun, even if he had no idea what was going on. I wanted to laugh out loud but you have to remember, I am watching at 3am in the UK and desperately trying not to wake a small child so I have to be deadly quiet.

Meanwhile Janey-E is also receiving some damn fine gifts from the Mitchum Bros, a super new convertible with an extremely pretty bow, I was probably more impressed with the bow than the car. And for Sonny Jim a very impressive gym set!

But a chill came over me when we saw Sonny Jim playing on his new gym set.  There’s something about the music from Swan Lake that is just a little haunting. When I was a little girl I had a beautiful Trousselier jewellery box, painted night sky blue with stars. When you opened it Swan Lake would play and a ballerina would dance. I loved that box so much, and I suppose it brought back some memories long forgotten.


The scene itself was peculiar, the frames covered in pretty lights so he was able to play outside in the dark, but then a spotlight going back and fore, and a spotlight is not usually a good sight to see in Twin Peaks.  BOB always appeared in a spotlight. The last moments of Maddy Ferguson were captured in the bright white/blue spotlight, highlighting every brutal hit in stark reality. His arm crept out of the light at Glastonberry Grove and there we saw him in the moments after Josie Packard’s death, growling like beast on the bed.

But maybe, just maybe the spotlight is not a bad omen. The Giant as we knew him back then would appear in a spotlight in Coopers hotel room at the Great Northern or on stage at Roadhouse.  In Series 3 we have seen Senorita Dido walk to the stage in spotlight before delivering Laura Palmer to us on Earth. Not forgetting the White Horse too.  Whilst it may not have been a good omen for Sarah, it was perhaps a warning to her that she needed to wake up and realise what was going on in that house.

So what did the spotlight mean for Sonny Jim? – no-one was featured, it was searching, was there an invisible force in that garden or perhaps something (an owl?) overhead? It could be nothing, just an extra gift from The Mitchums – the chance to play out extra late at night.

Janey – E tells Dougiecoop that she’s in Seventh Heaven and interestingly Dougiecoop repeated, but said “Seven Heaven“. For once he did not copy exactly.  To be in Seventh Heaven means the final state of eternal bliss of course and that is how Janey-E meant it, but for Dougiecoop did he unwittingly give us a clue to what is going on here? Is he still in the waiting room, still trying to make his way through with perfect courage to the White Lodge? And if he doesn’t pass this test, will his soul be totally annihilated?


Now to Montana for the first time where we see our old friend Ray Monroe.  Last time we saw him was Part 8, when he shot Doppelcooper/Mr. C dead only for the Woodsmen to come and remove the black orb of BOB from his corpse, and revive the doppelgänger in the process.  Was BOB removed from Doppelcooper at that point or placed back inside?  As far as we are aware BOB is still with him – the black eyes may be the key here. Doppelganger’s as we know have white eyes, and its unlikely that he’d get very far on Earth with white eyes, that may freak people out a little. So it seems that BOB is still with him and still looking for the co-ordinates to Jack Rabbits Palace.

We meet Ray in a Warehouse, The Farm we assume. He has a whole bunch of rotten looking bad guys with him and a beast of a man we come to know as Renzo. They watch on possibly the largest CCTV screen ever as Doppelcooper arrives, Ray explains that he killed him, though clearly not very well. They invite him in and Renzo offers him a duel in the form of an arm wrestle. He’s undefeated for fourteen years and if he wins he’ll become Doppelcoopers boss. Doppelcoop himself does not want the same reward if he wins, he just wants Ray.  Renzo agrees and they get to work.  Pretty unsurprisingly Renzo is no match for Doppelcoop who calmly, and quite hilariously, beats him, then with one punch smashes in his skull.  Ray’s a bit worried now. The rest of the gang offer him up no problem.  Ray does his best to escape but Doppelcoop shoots him in the leg.

Kyle MacLachlan in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME
Kyle MacLachlan in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Doppelcoop asks Ray, “Somebody hired you to kill me, who is it?” after a little reluctance from Ray he tells him, “It came from a man named Phillip Jeffries, at least that’s the name he gives, I never met him, I only talk to him on the phone. He set the whole prison thing up with Warden Murphy.  Jeffries says that you are going to kill me, he said that I could get out and stay out if I killed you first”.  “Why?” Doppelcoop asks, “He said you got something inside you they want”.  Doppelcoop looks down at the floor, he knows that they know about BOB now.

Did he ever mention Major Briggs?” he asks Ray who tells him, no.  Ray reaches into his pocket which makes Doppelcoop twitchy, “You know I don’t have a gun”, Ray tells him, “I want to show you something”. He takes the jade owl cave ring from his pocket. “Jeffries said I was supposed to put this on you after I killed you“. Doppelcoop asks him where he got it, “It was given to me right before I walked out of my cell, and I saw you”, “Who gave it to you?”, “A Guard, I dunno, he was dressed as a Guard. I’d never seen him before“.

We see the gang of bad guys all watching this going down on the massive screen. Doppelcoop says to Ray, “Put it on. Ring Finger. Left Hand. Now you know what I want Ray“. “You want the co-ordinates I got from Hastings, or rather his pretty secretary, Betty. Do you really think I am going to give them to you? You really think you could trust the numbers I give you? I know who you are“. Ray asks him if he can reach inside his pocket, Doppelcoop asks him what for, “The numbers stupid, I have the co-ordinates written out they are in my pocket“, Doppelcoop nods and takes the piece of paper from him.

We then see Richard Horne enter the warehouse, he walks to the front of the gang and watches the screen. “Ray, where is Phillip Jeffries?” Doppelcoop asks, “I don’t know, last I heard he was at a place called the Dutchman’s, but it’s not a real place“, and with that Doppelcooper shoots him in the head. “I know what it is”.


The owl ring disappears from Ray’s hand, we see the familiar brown/white zig zag floor of the lodge/red room. The ring drops to the floor. We travel to the ornate golden shell table, and see the hand of MIKE drop the ring to the table.

Doppelcooper looks at the camera in the warehouse, Richard Horne stares, maybe in awe, maybe he knows who he is, he looks kind of upset, he gulps. Is this the first time he has seen his father? Does he know its his father? Is it his father??


Ray’s body lays not only on the floor of the warehouse but also in the red room, bleeding from his head and leg wounds.

There is a lot to digest here. Firstly Phillip Jeffries. Is this really him? Way back in the very first episodes Doppelcooper questioned whether it was really Phillip Jeffries he was speaking to on the phone, and from what we could hear it didn’t sound like his recognisable Southern drawl, the accent was more New York. Is it Jeffries? and if not, who is it and why are they pretending to be him? Jeffries was of course played by the late great David Bowie, it would be a dream come true if he managed to film a couple of scenes before his death, but it’s pretty unlikely. Does this mean then that we will never see Jeffries as we know him again? Will he be forever a voice on the phone?

Clearly Doppelcoop thought he was working with Jeffries at one point, so who is Jeffries really working for? Ray says that Doppelcoop has something THEY want inside of him, so there must be more, who are these people? Are they people at all? They know that BOB is (or at least we think he is) inside Doppelcooper. Will BOB have to leave his host now to keep safe, could there be a new host victim soon and what state would that leave Doppelcooper in?

Did Ray give the correct co-ordinates to Doppelcooper? Did Albert allow Diane to know the correct co-ordinates? The co-ordinates she has lead to Twin Peaks. Will Doppelcooper’s lead to the same place? If she is working with him she surely would have told him the co-ordinates she had by text? My thought now is that Diane is working with Jeffries, not Doppelcooper, and these co-ordinates that Ray gave to Doppelcooper are the same. They want him to go to Twin Peaks, are they luring him into a trap – the only way to get the real Cooper back is by bringing him and his doppelgänger back together again at the place it all started. Is Albert in on this? Is he too working with Jeffries, for the greater good?

What about then the pretty secretary Betty? We were told by Macklay that she died in a car crash, but did she? We didn’t see this happen, has she been taken somewhere by Jeffries for protection, her death faked for her own safety? We may never find out and her part in all this may be unimportant. Ray may have got the co-ordinates from her and killed her as is suggested, but something doesn’t sit quite right with me.

So Ray is gone, at least in the world as we know it, but the owl ring it seems transported his soul to the lodge. The puzzle of the ring still remains but now we know pretty much for sure that if worn during death it will take your soul. Laura infamously took the ring before her death and it seemed at that point that the only reason she was killed was because she wore it, that BOB knew he couldn’t possess her whilst she wore it, but is that the case? Much like Ray, Laura’s soul was taken to the lodge after her death, presumably now because she wore the ring. With this ring I thee wed.  In wearing the ring, specifically on the ring finger of the left hand, does this wed you to the lodge? Does the lodge claim the soul of whoever wears it at their point of death?

ring-sketchOthers who are known to have worn the ring are Meriweather Lewis, the great explorer who met Chief Twisted Hair of the Nez Perce tribe in September 1805 and he gave this artefact to him, advising him never to wear it, and as far as we know he did not. However, it is likely that the traitor General James Neely played a part in the death of Lewis and may have taken the ring from him.

Jack Parsons, rocket scientist and follower of Thelema, and possible invoker of the Mother of Abominations, Babalon, also wore the ring. Chances are that when he  blew himself up in his home laboratory his soul found its way to the Lodge, and the ring returned home once again. Only then to be found in the possession of President Richard Nixon.

At some point Nixon must have lost the ring, he died after the murder of Teresa Banks, so he was unlikely to have been wearing it when he went. Teresa Banks may or may not have been wearing it when she died. She certainly wore it leading up to her death as it was seen in pictures, but in her case it may have been removed beforehand. It was found underneath the Chalfont trailer which was the place Teresa was murdered (she was not murdered in her own trailer). So did the Tremond’s remove it before she died assisting BOB so that when he took he could reap all the garmonbozia from her?

teresa banks

After Teresa’s death Chet Desmond found the ring, and the second he touched it he disappeared never to be seen again. Did something similar happen to Phillip Jeffries when he was investigating another Blue Rose case, probably in relation to Judy?

After Doppelcooper and Annie were released from the red room, Annie was wearing the owl cave ring. Why was she sent back with it? She didn’t possess it for long and that may have been a blessing, a nurse at Calhoun Memorial hospital took it from her catatonic body whilst she repeated the words, ‘The Good Dale is in the lodge, write it in your diary’ which is of course what she told Laura in her dream – time made no logical sense then, and it still doesn’t now.  Will we ever find out how Annie is?


We don’t know the fate of the nurse, but we do know that Doppelcooper did visit the hospital to see Annie and quite probably a comatose Audrey.  Was Jeffries already on his case by this point though, did he get to Annie and the ring before Doppelcoop did?

The last person we saw prior to Ray wearing the ring was the original Dougie Jones. A manufactured copy of Dale Cooper, sent to Earth it seems by evil forces as a replacement body for Doppelcooper. He was wearing the ring shortly before he was switched places with the real Agent Cooper.


So what do we really know of the rings powers?

  • The souls of  those who wear it at death are transported to the red room/lodge – probably. We haven’t seen this happen in every case and we have seen plenty of people in the red room who haven’t worn the ring as far as we know, such as Leland Palmer and Windom Earle.
  • If you wear it long enough your arm starts to go numb – this certainly happened in the case of Teresa Banks, Laura Palmer and Dougie Jones (the original/manufactured). Does it slowly drain you of your soul and deliver it to The Arm?
  • It appears that BOB felt he had to kill Laura once she donned the ring as he could no longer possess her – her soul was wed to the Lodge or maybe The Arm, so he could no longer take it for himself.
  • Dale Cooper advised Laura not to take the ring – it’s always been a bit of a mystery as to why he would tell her to do that, as whilst taking the ring meant the end of her life, it appears to have prevented her from possession by BOB. But,  if she had allowed BOB in, could she have defeated BOB? – Laura is The One after all, and we know she has the brightest light – could she have ended the evil there and then if she let him in?
  • The ring travels from place to place – we assume there is only one ring, I would personally like to think so. It always seems to end up back at the Lodge, on the table in MIKE’S possession. He threw the ring to Laura in the seconds leading up to her death. He appears to be a good guy, so why did he do this? Did Laura have to sacrifice herself for the greater good this time? Will she have another chance to defeat evil 25 years later?
  • How does it travel? MIKE and The Arm appear to be the custodians of the ring, did they create it from the Formica table? Formica is of course an electrical insulator. Is this how it prevents possession by BOB?

We may never know all the answers and the ring may never be revealed as an artifact of either good or evil.

Where is Jeffries now? We know that Jeffries can move through space and time, whether he can do that voluntarily and choose his destination is another thing. Much like Major Briggs – did Jeffries ever stop working in the Blue Rose Task Force? Are he and Agent Desmond working this case from the shadows?  Ray tells us he is at the Dutchman’s but that place doesn’t really exist.  Could this be a reference to the mystical Lost Dutchman Gold and Silver Mines? It would make sense.  It seems like an age ago now, but we did have one very brief scene in Argentina. The bowl with the black transmitter that inexplicably turned into what looked like a silver nugget.  I said at the time that the bowl looked to be placed in a mine shaft, that rail tracks could possibly be seen below the bowl.

One of the best treasure tales in the history of the American West is the Lost Dutchman Mine. Shrouded in mystery, the mine is not only allegedly rich in gold, but is also said to have a curse upon it, leading to a number of strange deaths, as well as people who mysteriously go “missing” when they attempt to locate the old mine.  For more than 120 years, the legend of the Lost Dutchman Mine has been told over and over, growing in proportions to such an extent that some claim the entire legend is nothing but a myth. But for thousands of others, the mine and its legends are extremely real, hidden in the forbidding peaks of the Superstition Mountains, Arizona. Could the mine move? Or are the mines linked to one another?


Jeffries, wherever he is, appears to be the man behind it all and his revelation, if we get one may be the biggest surprise of all. Will Doppelcoop now go looking for Jeffries at the Dutchman’s or will he follow the co-ordinates?  All will be revealed soon, we are only 5 hours away from the end of Series 3, and I am not going to lie the thought of it ending, perhaps for good, brings me great sorrow. I do have faith however that the last 5 hours are going to be a rollercoaster ride – there are so many loose ends to be tied up, so many things we just don’t know yet, so strap yourselves in for a spectacular finale.

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    1. Hi!
      I feel like I missed something with Annie’s storyline!

      When did this occur-

      “We don’t know the fate of the nurse, but we do know that Dopplecooper did visit the hospital to see Annie and quite probably a comatose Audrey. Was Jeffries already on his case by this point though, did he get to Annie and the ring before Dopplecoop did?”

      was it in fire walk with me??

      Thanks for the amazing blog posts! Happy I subscribed!

      1. The hint we got about this was from Doc Hayward when he skyped Frank Truman. He said that Agent Cooper (who we know tonne his doppelgänger) had visited Annie in the hospital. He also said that Audrey was in a coma in the hospital after the bank explosion. So whilst of course we don’t know for sure he did anything untoward to either of them but the seed has been sewn in our minds and possibly was with Audrey (and even Annie?) too.

      2. The scene with the nurse was in a deleted scene (found in The Missing Pieces on the Bluray box set) from the movie.

  1. Great questions! Great article too, Laura!! Your writing is enjoyable reading. So much is opened in almost every part. Re: where is BOB? I’ve never believed that the woodsmen took Bob with them. I’ve looked at that scene many times and I never was able to see that the disk looking object with Bob ‘s face imbedded was taken away. It did pop out but wouldn’t be logical (?) that if Mr C did not have Bob inside he would have been something or someone else? But yet Mr C is still as nasty and unemotive as usual, so I believe Bob is still in Mr C. Even Ray, as you pointed out, said ‘THEY want what’s inside’. I think those woodsmen who showed up when he was shot by Ray were doing ‘house cleaning’ as well as repairing Mr C. So many questions to answer and like you I believe lots of the ‘clues’ most are obsessing over will never be directly answered. Perhaps in an oblique way, via another character’s story arc we will have answers to hanging ‘Chads’!!

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