A Letter From the Editor-In-Chief: A Special Edition of The Waiting Room

Welcome back to my weekly column, “The Waiting Room”. For those that check out this feature weekly, I thank you, as I do anyone who supports the site in any way, shape or form. This site is truly a labor of love, not just for me but for everyone who is involved. Tonight I wanted to pull back the curtain a bit and let anyone who reads this know a little bit about what’s going on with the site. In the beginning, my initial vision for this site was to create a place where all Twin Peaks fans could find something they would enjoy. I wanted the die-hards—people like me, to have the in-depth theories and analysis type articles as well as interviews all here in one spot. I wanted newer Twin Peaks fans to find our book reviews and the community-based articles so they could see all of the things that kept us being members of this community during those many long years when the idea of a third season was just a pipe dream.  The selling point that I used on all of the writers I was trying to court into joining me, in the beginning, was that we could “keep the conversation alive” here for years to come. So when people continued to discover Twin Peaks in the years to come, our site could be their companion throughout this journey both wonderful and strange. I think we’ve done a good job starting that here, but there is still more work to be done.

Right after Part 8 aired of Season 3, I knew this site had caught on. Our web stats had steadily increased, and our social media presence had really taken off. I began thinking about the future. What could this site become? We were publishing anywhere from 14 to 21 articles a week and from a quality standpoint, I stand by everything. I’m proud of all of the work and think it’s something that all Twin Peaks fans can enjoy. The question loomed though: What else could this site grow to be? We knew we were going to stick around for a while just to study and analyze Season 3, long before it’s conclusion. That much was always a given. The rest came to us along the way & that’s part of what this letter tonight is all about.

The obvious next step for us was to dive into the films of David Lynch, which you’ve already begun to see with our “Learn Lynch” series and also, a truly remarkable series from Doug on the work and style of David Lynch. If you haven’t read Doug’s three-part series, I highly recommend it. A little bit of backstory on the “Learn Lynch” series. We started to discover in our writer’s chat how many of our writers were Twin Peaks fans obviously but had never taken the plunge into Lynch’s body of work. That is also true of the broader fan community. If people wanted to further their understanding of Season 3, watching the films of David Lynch is a great place to start. Going back to the companion mentality I spoke of before, we saw a wonderful opportunity for our writers to watch a Lynch film for the first time and then write a review with the hopes that if our readers decided to also watch these films, they could use our “Learn Lynch” series to realize that their feelings were shared. For people like myself that have been watching Lynch films for years, it’s fascinating to hear about someone’s first encounter with a Lynch film. It takes me back to a time and place, and there’s something really special about remembering the process of trying to understand these complicated works. We hope others feel the same. Once this series has run its course, we will be moving into more traditional analysis pieces on Lynch’s body of work.

The next topic I wanted to discuss is a big one. We’ve had our ear to the ground since Season 3 ended, curious to hear what other’s thought of the show and for ideas for us to write about. Something we noticed is while a lot of Peaks fans wanted to stay only in that world, there were a lot of other fans that were looking for new shows to enjoy. We at the site expected a lot more casual fans to drop out of the Peaks scene, but they haven’t. They still love this world—they’re just looking for another world to spend some time in as well. So we made the bold decision to explore covering a few other shows on the site. Obviously, we’re a Twin Peaks / David Lynch site so that will always be our primary focus, but there’s no reason why we can’t start a small expansion into our territory. If it’s what people want, then that’s what we will do.  While the exact date of this expansion is still not set, it will be in the next month hopefully. We’re working with a few new writers to kickstart this new project while the team that’s been writing all of your Twin Peaks / David Lynch material will continue to do so. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. What shows would you enjoy reading about? Please comment on this post or on social media because I would love to hear your thoughts! Again, this will only be a small part of the site, but like with all of our other projects, we’re hoping to deliver for you as best as we can.

The other big part of our future I wanted to discuss is the community. Whether you’ve been a Twin Peaks fan since the ’90s or even if you just became a fan this year, you’ve had to have noticed the amazing community we have. Creative, loyal, passionate people who do the most amazing things. From Day 1 of this site, I’ve wanted the Twin Peaks community to be represented here. That’s one reason why I did so many interviews at the beginning with Twin Peaks podcasters and why you still see so many guest articles. This site is for everybody and is to celebrate what brought us all together ultimately. It’s a cause that our own Lindsay (Bickering Peaks host and editor here on the site) has really championed. From her “Notes From the Bookhouse” discussions with various people in the community to her most recent interview with the Bookhouse Babes, Lindsay has brought the community here. It’s something we certainly plan to do more of moving forward as well. This is the greatest fandom I’ve ever heard of and we want to spotlight that fact. As always, if you have ideas for people or topics we should have on the site, please let us know. This ties nicely into our newly announced partnership with Twin Peaks Unwrapped. While we are still very much in “keep the mystery alive” mode, something is happening as the tweet said and more details to come. Please look for the lovely Laura Stewart (another one of our editors here on the site) to be one of their guests this week.

In conclusion, we feel like we’re entering Chapter 2 of the site right now. We have a lot of new writers on staff that you’ll soon be getting to know (some of which you already know), new projects and a growing vision. This was a small idea that I came up with one day at home that in just a few months has grown in ways I never expected. This site is my love, and all of the support means the world to me. Thanks to everyone who has supported us in any way, shape or form at all. Thanks to all of the writers, both past and present. A special thank you to Lindsay again. A little backstory: Back before the site launched, I interviewed Lindsay and Aiden about the Bickering Peaks podcast. Even after the interview was over, the 3 of us kept exchanging emails. Within days, they both asked if they could do some writing for the site. Flash forward six months later: Lindsay literally (I mean literally) brought half of the staff with her. First, she brought in Eileen, then John Bernardy, then Laura—that’s the editing team right there. If you look at our staff writers and columnists, Lindsay found most of them too. In addition to finding such talented people to make up our team and keeping this site rooted in the community, Lindsay also listens to me ramble like a mad man on a nearly daily basis as I work through ideas for the site. Thank you for being my Day 1 and bringing this team together.

Next week “The Waiting Room” will be getting back to studying and analyzing Season 3 a little bit each week. Thank you for reading this letter from me to you, and as always, your feedback is highly valued. Until next time…


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Written by Andrew Grevas

Andrew is the Founder / Editor in Chief of 25YL. He’s engaged with 2 sons, a staunch defender of the series finales for both Lost & The Sopranos and watched Twin Peaks at the age of 5 during its original run, which explains a lot about his personality.

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