My Interview with Cameron Cloutier of Obnoxious & Anonymous

This week I was able to branch out, quite like the Evolution of the Arm, and interview Cameron Cloutier of Obnoxious and Anonymous about his upcoming crowdfunding campaign for his Twin Peaks-inspired fan film, Queen of Hearts.  Cameron has been a fan of Twin Peaks since age 16, and has even had the pleasure of interviewing Jen Lynch back in 2013 (which you can view here: Hope you enjoy reading and look out for his campaign on Indiegogo which will start this Thursday, November 23rd. Happy Thanksgiving indeed!

J.C.: How did you first get involved with Twin Peaks? What made you first watch the show?

C.C.: I was fourteen years old when the show premiered on ABC. I was already a huge movie fan and had already seen “Blue Velvet” and Lynch’s other works so I wanted to check it out. There was a lot of hype around this show already, even before it first aired and the commercials for it were mysterious and breathtaking.

J.C.: It really was, wasn’t it? As the story unfolded, what characters or which story line stood out the most to you?

C.C.: Of course I was immediately hooked on Agent Cooper, but not because of his quirky personality. It was the moment where he showed Truman and Lucy the reflection of James’ bike in Laura’s eye. I knew then that he wasn’t your standard TV investigator and that was backed up by him telling the others (in a later episode) about the history of Tibet. The thought that you could have an F.B.I. agent who “listened to the sounds” both in his waking and dream life was profound and life changing for me, I have to say. I enjoyed all the storylines actually but what made the world so special, besides all the great writing and acting, was the mood of it all. Twin Peaks was a show that was very much alive and epic in its scope. A show that was as big about the small detail as the larger picture.

J.C.: I absolutely agree. I’m a longtime fan of Agent Cooper. I don’t think there was ever another character quite like him at that time or even with the Return now. I did read how your fan film was inspired, but for those that haven’t; What made you want to want to tackle 1) a fan film and 2) a fan film inspired by Annie Blackburn?

C.C.: The idea for my fan film came about in the fall of 1992 when I was sixteen years old. My friends and I were always running around and making short films and I thought, “Wouldn’t be fun to do a Twin Peaks one?” Unfortunately that idea didn’t materialize at the time but it did get my mind thinking about what I would do if I ever had the opportunity to make a film set in the Twin Peaks universe. You have to keep in mind that at this point Twin Peaks was over. Fire Walk With Me had just crashed and burned at the theaters and the ending did bring about a certain bittersweet closure. You had Laura and Cooper seemingly trapped (but safe) in the Black Lodge while you knew the doppelgänger was out in the real world wreaking havoc. It was sad but also a beautifully poetic ending to the saga too. I just assumed that was the end, at least for right now. Never knew that the 25 years line would actually pay off, lol. That being said, most of the story seemed complete so there wasn’t a desire to delve back into Bobby’s cocaine dealings or strange subplots like Little Nicky. What really got me thinking was the character of Annie Blackburn, i.e. who she was as a person and why she made the choices that she did. A character that was basically conceived to quiet drama behind the scenes, Annie Blackburn quickly became one of my favorite characters in the Twin Peaks mythology. Her story, as far as I’m concerned, is still untold and that’s why I’ve chosen to finally make my fan film now.

J.C.: Your feelings echo many others I’ve come across in the Twin Peaks fan community. So now that we’re two days away from the unveiling of your crowdfunding site being up and ready to rock, and one step closer to finding out, “How’s Annie?” What is something you want to tell our fan community about the film and why they should support it?

C.C.: I am a huge fan of David Lynch and Mark Frost. This project of mine is in no way an attempt to negate or undermine anything they have done in the Twin Peaks universe. There is just a gap in the storyline for me that I would like to fill and even with the releases of Season 3 and The Final Dossier, it’s apparent that both creators don’t intend to explore it and that’s incredible. An idea that I came up with when I was sixteen years old is still doable and given my history with the material, I feel I can now do it justice. Thank goodness for the internet, film equipment becoming cheaper and the Twin Peaks community at large. I have been talking Twin Peaks online for five years now and ever since I announced that I was thinking of making this fan film, the support and love I have received within the community has been more meaningful than anyone could possibly know.

J.C.: How do you plan on announcing the Indiegogo crowdfunding site? Will you use Twitter & Facebook? A mini film? Is it a secret? What can you tell me about how you plan on getting the word out there?

C.C.: I’m planning on launching it on the morning of the 23rd. I’ll have the link posted on several Facebook pages: Obnoxious and Anonymous, Twin Peaks Worldwide, David Lynch’s Universe and of course Twitter. I’m hoping people will find it in their hearts to share and retweet the link when it comes across their newsfeed. One thing is for certain, this film will not exist without community support so anything you can do to help make this Twin Peaks fan film become a reality will be greatly appreciated by me. Let’s rock!

J.C.: Love it! I for one will be sharing away for you as well! I want to thank you for taking the time to talk to me about your project today.  Is there one last thing you’d like add? 

Also the question I’ll be asking all my interviewees moving forward, what is your answer to the following question, “What year is it?”

C.C.: Remember what Annie said to Cooper in the Double R Diner, “I’m not really supposed to say how I am. I’m supposed to say, ‘I’m fine…'” Even in her current mental state, Annie Blackburn doesn’t want to trouble anyone–even though she’s one of the characters in Twin Peaks who is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders.

What year is it? The current one, though Laura Palmer is no longer deceased. Just like Fire Walk With Me, Cooper and Laura find themselves seemingly trapped somewhere, but at least they’re still together and with those two minds, anything is possible. I feel they will be just fine.

So keep on the lookout for Cameron’s Indiegogo campaign on Twitter and Facebook.  I hope you enjoyed this interview.  If you want to see more interviews, we’d be happy to take fan suggestions.  For more interviews, see these outstanding ones from our own Andrew Grevas.

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