For the Times, They Are A-Changing…

25 Years Later Site began as a place for Twin Peaks fans to get together. Over the Summer of Peaks, we met thousands of people, just like you — some of whom had been fans since the start, and some of whom had never met another fan in their life. With your help, we’ve built a community for people who shared a similar outlook as we did, people who came prepared to analyse and deconstruct, people who always wanted more.

Branching out to cover new areas — first with TV and, soon, film — was not always part of our plan.

However, our vision for 25YL, like The Arm, has evolved with time.

Starting today, we will be known as 25YL: Damn Fine TV/Film. This will be a reflection of our commitment not just to the Twin Peaks community but to the wider TV and Film audiences who have increasingly found our site and are starting to call us “home”.

We’ve always been a Twin Peaks site at heart; The Double R Diner will always be the place where we get our coffee and doughnuts. But looking ahead, as we always do, we find a future filled with invitations to dream and write, and invitations to go places that we never dreamed we’d write about at all.

There’s so much out there to discover and explore and enjoy: within the world of Twin Peaks, in the shows that influenced Twin Peaks, and in the ones that were influenced by Twin Peaks…beyond our television screens, on film and in the cinemas of the world…and maybe even in books and music.

The sky is the limit.

We hope that you’ll come along with us.

Let’s Rock.

– 25YL Staff

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