The Return of “As Seen on Twin Peaks”

In two weeks, “As Seen on Twin Peaks” will return for another batch of five discussions about the cast of Twin Peaks. If you’ve never read any of the previous five then the premise is simple: this series takes a look at the acting careers of the cast of Twin Peaks—one performer at a time. But instead of looking A-Z through their entire filmography, I’ll be picking out one film to represent each actor, which will be followed by a 10 Questions-style discussion between myself and one of my fellow 25YL staffers about the film and various other credits. And, to make things more interesting, each article will feature a range of different perspectives between myself and my guest. Some films will be familiar to the two of us, others might be first-time watches, and some movies will be a completely new experience for us both. The first five discussions focussed on Kyle MacLachlan in The Doors, Laura Dern in Wild, Ray Wise in Swamp Thing, Heather Graham in From Hell, and David Duchovny in The Joneses.

While I won’t be revealing all of the next five performers to be discussed at this stage, I can disclose that the first conversation will focus on the queen of Twin Peaks, the one and only, Sheryl Lee!

Sheryl Lee wrapped in plastic in Twin Peaks

So, now you know I’ll be talking about Sheryl Lee, which film from her oeuvre do you think has been picked to be discussed? Is it John Carpenter’s Vampires or could it be Winter’s Bone or maybe it’s neither of the two? Please leave a comment and let us know by following the information about our social media accounts, which can be found below. Alternatively, you can follow me on Twitter (@JonSheasby), and we’ll continue the conversation over there.

Written by Jon Sheasby

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