Andy Serkis’ Mowgli Is Now A Netflix Original Film!

Breaking news on Friday as Deadline is reporting that Mowgli, the Andy Serkis-directed movie based on The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling, has been acquired by Netflix for a global release in 2019. While it’s not unusual for Netflix to acquire festival darlings and potential indie hits, this is another step forward in their attempts to overhaul the movie business. Originally scheduled by Warner Bros. for a theatrical release on October 19th, Mowgli will now exclusively premiere across the globe on Netflix, as well as having a 3D release in selected theatres. You may remember the media storm that occurred earlier this year when Netflix revealed that they had purchased and subsequently released The Cloverfield Paradox within hours of the announcement, but Mowgli is a whole new ballgame. At this point, one can only imagine the size of the budget it cost to make Mowgli, and how much it cost Netflix to buy the film outright. They have money to burn and they’re using it. Welcome to 2018, Hollywood!

If you’re a regular reader of the site, you may have noticed that we have our own series focussing on Netflix Original Films, so expect to be reading our thoughts on Mowgli sometime next year!

An elephant goes head to head with Mowgli in the Jungle Book movie
Mowgli was directed by performance capture icon Andy Serkis

So, what are your thoughts on this huge announcement? For good or bad, is Netflix changing the face of cinema as we know it or is this just a fad that will fade away in due time? Please leave a comment and let us know by following the information about our social media accounts, which can be found below. Alternatively, you can follow me on Twitter (@JonSheasby), and we’ll continue the conversation over there.


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