The Leftovers: An Anniversary Celebration

On October 14 2011, 2% of the world’s population—140 million people—disappeared in an event known as the “Sudden Departure”.

On October 14 2018, 25YL will become the place to debate, discuss, and deliberate the details of The Leftovers, the HBO television series that evolved from this singular, catastrophic event.

Throughout the day, the 25YL Site Facebook Group, in conjunction with The Leftovers (T.V. Series) and The Leftovers Chat  will host in-depth discussions and open forums, Q&As, and reshares of the brilliant analysis of the show from our team. We will also be running a fun image caption contest using stills from the series, so make sure you wear your creative hats!

These are the six moments from the show that we want you to caption for us! One for every day of the week leading up to Sunday when we will decide the winners:

kevin and deer
outside IV
leftovers john sleeping
patti headshot
kevin plastic

The full schedule of events is as follows (all times ET):

  • 8am: Share your thoughts about the character of Kevin Garvey with a reshare of his character profile (written by Caemeron Crain).
  • 9am: Allow our profile of Kevin Garvey Sr. to spark a discussion about this mysterious, mystical character…
  • 10am: Can you defend the Guilty Remnant? Caemeron will make a valiant attempt in his article…
  • 11am: …which will lead directly into what should be a spirited debate about this cult/religious group.
  • 12-2:22: Open forums
  • 2:23: At the appointed hour, we will discuss what the Departure really means…
  • 4pm: Have a question for our Leftovers guru, Caemeron? Now is your chance! It’s Ask the Writer!
  • 5pm: The winners of our Caption Contests will be announced!
  • 6pm: Indulge in a deep discussion about loss and its ramifications and ripple effects as we reshare Caemeron’s character profile of Nora Durst.
  • 7pm: What is your best/worst/craziest theory about Season 2 Episode 8’s “International Assassin”? Share it here in our “International Assassin” discussion!
  • 8pm: Who is David Burton? Ask him yourself during our very special Q&A session!
  • Closing: Have a topic you want to bring up? A photo or anecdote to share? Cap off the night with an open forum, your last chance to talk about anything and everything Leftovers-related on the anniversary of the Departure.

Encourage people to share photos, post their own discussions and anything else Leftovers related throughout the day!

This celebration will be happening only on the 25YL Site Facebook Group, so if you haven’t already, head over and join the fun. Share your favourite photos, post your own discussion questions, and indulge everything Leftovers related throughout the day.

Unlike those souls who disappeared during the Sudden Departure, you aren’t going to want to miss this…

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Lindsay Stamhuis

Written by Lindsay Stamhuis

Lindsay Stamhuis is a writer and English teacher who also moonlights as 25YL Site's Executive Editor and Style Manager. In addition to editing and writing about TV and Film, she is the co-host of The Bicks Pod, a podcast currently deep-diving into the collected works of William Shakespeare. She lives in Edmonton, Alberta with her partner Aidan, their three cats, and a potted pothos that refuses to grow more than one vine.

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