25YL’s Holiday Gift Guide for TV Fans

If you’re anything like me, the holidays are stressful. There’s lots to do and not a lot of time to do it. And then there’s the whole gift-giving part. Sometimes you just don’t know what to get. Here at 25YL, we’ve compiled a list of some fun gifts to give the TV fan in your life.

Our resident Doctor Who specialist Rachel Stewart has some super fun gifts for any  Whovian in your life:

Doctor Who, Fan Made, Who necklace

This fan-made necklace is perfect for ushering in and representing the latest incarnation of everyone’s favorite time lord.

Doctor Who, Socks, Wibbly Wobbly

Socks are a standard holiday gift, but these Doctor Who socks double as a covert cosplay item if you’re feeling wibbly wobbly.

Doctor Who, Retro Hoodie, Tardis sleeve

This lived-in retro-tastic hoodie is perfect for a day of binge watching old episodes of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who, Anthology

Catch up on all the companions prior to 13 with this fan-written and edited charity anthology, featuring pieces written by classic series companions

Doctor Who, T-shirt, Ecletic Muses

Keep it classic with this tee featuring art by fantastic fan artist Eclectic Muses.

Doctor Who, Time for Tea, Christmas Spoilers

While we have to wait till New Year’s to see what the Doctor and fam are up to, you can cozy up with this special tea and remember how great “The Husbands of River Song” was.

Martin Hearn has a few suggestions of his own for the TV lover:

The Golden Girls, Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia, Twas The Night Before Christmas Golden Girls

This book tells the story of The Night Before Christmas, but it’s The Golden Girls. Perfect Christmas gift, right?

Twin Peaks, T-shirt, Damn Fine Christmas, Damn Fine coffee and hot

This festive Twin Peaks Christmas jumper is perfect for the Twin Peaks lover in your life.

Doctor Who Christmas Specials box set, BBC

Get in the Christmas spirit with this box set of the ten Doctor Who Christmas specials, including some exclusive artwork.

Ellen Wilson suggests this adorable piece of Twin Peaks merch for the Cooper lovers in your life (and who doesn’t love Coop?):

Dale Cooper heart pin, We all love Coop

A declaration of love for Dale Cooper has become a more complex matter since we saw his very essence warp and splinter in The Return—all the more reason to declare it proudly from your lapel. These enamel heart pins are also available in pink and black, and bearing the names of other divinities, including Bobby Briggs and Audrey Horne. And there’s even a James Hurley one, if you’re so inclined.

Laura Stewart also has you covered for your TV gifting needs:

Twin Peaks Ugly Christmas sweater, Fire Walk With Me

If you really have no choice but to wear an ugly Christmas sweater for your office party or on the big day, at least retain some degree of coolness with this official Showtime Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Ugly Christmas Sweater. I’d wear this all year round to be honest.

Kidding Astronotter hooded sweatshirt, Showtime

Help Mr. Pickles get the Astronotters spaceship working in this cute Showtime official Kidding Astronotter hoodie.

Mad Men Don Draper Barbie

If you have a little cash to splash on a collectible and your loved one really loves Mad Men, why not get them an official Don Draper Barbie! Don is stylized in his iconic costumes from the show and accessorized with a polished grey suit, striped necktie, a tan fedora, matching overcoat, and briefcase. All you need now is a tiny glass of scotch!

Breaking Bad Barrel box set, Los Pollos Hermanos apron

Okay, so this special edition of the entire Breaking Bad series is pretty expensive, but it is encased in a replica barrel, contains a ton of bonus content (including a documentary), and includes a Pollos Hermanos apron. For the ultimate fan, this would be quite the generous gift.

The Haunting of Hill House blue print, Olivia Crain Forever House

This replica Hill House blueprint from The Haunting of Hill House, in which Olivia repeatedly drew the Forever House shapes, has been reproduced here. This would make a beautifully framed edition to any Haunted House, and at a very reasonable price. Can you find the Red Room?

Inside Black Mirror book, Black Mirror fan book

Inside Black Mirror: The Illustrated Oral History is the perfect gift for any Black Mirror fan. Alongside a collection of astonishing behind-the-scenes imagery and ephemera, Charlie Brooker and producer Annabel Jones detail the creative genesis, inspiration and thought process behind each episode of Black Mirror for the first time, while key actors, directors, and other creative talents relive their own involvement.

We hope you’ve found some inspiration in our gift list. If you’ve got any great gift ideas, we’d love to hear them. Happy Holidays from all of us here at 25YL!

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Written by Ali Sciarabba

In addition to her position as TV Editor and Writer for 25YL, Ali Sciarabba is a freelance editorial consultant and author of numerous nonfiction reference books for middle school and high school students. In her spare time she enjoys obsessing over various television shows, especially Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. When not overanalyzing TV shows, she is wrangling her Corgi, Cassidy, who is inarguably the cutest dog that has ever existed.

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