David Lynch To Teach Masterclass In Directing in 2019

Have you ever wanted to create a film? Have you ever wanted to learn from your favorite director? Well that opportunity may just present itself in the New Year, Lynch fans!

David Lynch

David Lynch is joining a list of artists, directors, actors, and creators; teaching for the online platform, Masterclass in 2019. Masterclass has over 50 classes online ranging from screenwriting and acting to politics and poetry, even poker.

Students can purchase a single class for around $90. If more topics interest you, you can subscribe for an All-Access annual subscription for $180 a year.  To find about current topics and more about a subscription, you can visit Masterclass.com.

This could be a once in million opportunity to really learn the magic and ‘happy accidents’ that makes David Lynch one of today’s most talked about directors. Maybe he’ll even share his process on how he put together the 18 hours of Twin Peaks: The Return? Maybe not, but we can always hope for that ‘happy accident’!

Happy New Year, Lynch Fans!

To read more about Lynch’s turn at instructor for Masterclass, see People.com.

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