The Trailer for Jordan Peele’s “Us” Is Here, And It’s Terrifying

The trailer for Jordan Peele’s latest horror film Us has dropped, and it’s reaching for lofty goals—which is entirely appropriate considering where Peele brought us with last year’s Get Out.

This time around, Us delves into the supernatural, and comes complete with mysterious mask-wearing doppelgangers, chase scenes, and…rabbits?

After previously only cryptically teasing the upcoming film, Peele has given us a lot to work with in this trailer, released on Christmas Day. Us stars Winston Duke and Lupita Nyong’o as Gabe and Adelaide, a husband and wife on vacation with their kids in Northern California. While there, Adelaide grows increasingly paranoid that something is wrong and that her family is in danger.

But what happens when the danger might be a lot closer to home than she thinks?

Peele garnered considerable accolades for his directorial debut, 2017’s Get Out, including four Academy Award nominations (and one win, for Best Original Screenplay) and more than a quarter billion dollars at the box office. But while Get Out was focused on the human aspects of horror, Us aims to push the boundary of what supernatural horror is able to do. Peele recently told Entertainment Weekly that his stated goal for Us was to delve into a different sphere, in which he wanted to create a new “monster mythology”.

If the trailer is anything to go by, it’s probably safe to say he’ll succeed.

Also starring Elisabeth Moss and Tim Heidecker, Us is due in theatres March 15, 2019.

Lindsay Stamhuis

Written by Lindsay Stamhuis

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