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The End is Nigh: Game of Thrones, April 14th

Winter is coming to Winterfell earlier than we expected, giving fans of Game of Thrones reason to rejoice, as the final season arrives on 14th April.

The new trailer released by HBO today, shows the three remaining Stark’s walking through their family crypt in Winterfell.

Though just over a minute long, there is a lot to be surmised from this. As Jon passes the statue of his fallen mother, Lyanna, we hear her speak a few words from an earlier flashback scene, in which she says to her brother Ned, “You have to protect him.” This was when Lyanna gave birth to Jon and handed him over to Ned before she died. Ned did indeed cover up his true heritage to save his life. The truth is that Lyanna was in love with and secretly married Rhaegar Targaryen, the brother of Daenerys, the Mother of Dragons. Making Jon Snow the valid heir to the Iron Throne,

Of course, nothing can ever run just smoothly in Game Of Thrones, as we had, despite knowing for a while that Daenerys was probably related to Jon, been championing the blossoming relationship between the pair, which they sealed at the end of Season 7.  Will their love continue when Jon (real name Aegon) discovers he’s been sleeping with his Aunt?  Daenerys may not find the coupling too outlandish as the Targaryen’s have kept it in the family for generations, but Jon grew up a Stark, it won’t sit so well with him. Certainly not after witnessing the mocking (by pretty much everyone in the world) of Cersei and Jaime Lannister for their incestual love—quite literally the worst kept dirty secret of all time. Shame!

Talking of Cersei, while not seen in today’s trailer, (I imagine there will be more to tickle our taste buds before the final season begins), the last we saw of her she was plotting, as usual, to use the Golden Company of Braavos to secure her hold on Westeros. Upon learning her plan, Jaime is disgusted, he deserts her and rides north. Leaving her totally alone, no children left, no father, even her brother/lover can’t stand her anymore. She still has Clegane, the reanimated ‘Mountain’ which is…something.

The rest of the Seven Kingdoms have all but joined forces now to battle the Night King, who, the last we saw of him, was riding the undead dragon, Viserion, they destroy a section of the Wall with blue dragon fire, allowing the Army of the Dead to march south.

Does the trailer give any further hints to what may come in the last season?  Some eagle-eyed viewers may notice that after Jon, Sansa and Arya pass their fallen family members, they are faced with their own statues, foretelling their own deaths it appears.  While Sansa and Arya’s statues look how they are now, Jon’s appears to be of an older man. Perhaps spelling victory of the Iron Throne for him?  However this pans out, we know it’s going to be a bloody, brutal, shocking and upsetting end if any of the previous seasons are to go by.

Season 8 will be 6 feature-length episodes long and begins on HBO and Sky Atlantic on Sunday 14th April.

Who do you think will be crowned victorious? Will Tyrion outsmart them all? How glorious will Cersei’s death be (I’m assuming they are going to really make that one special, to rival the Red Wedding)? What part will Bran play as the story comes to an end? Will Jaime and Brienne be reunited (I hope for this more than anything!). Will any of it matter in the end if the White Walkers destroy them all and take over the world? Well, thankfully we don’t have to wait too much longer.

Give us your thoughts on what the last season of Game of Thrones might bring in the comments or on social media.


Written by Laura Stewart

Laura is the Assistant Editor-In-Chief, a Writer and Assistant to the Webmaster at 25YL. She has been part of the team since May 2017 when she began writing about her favourite TV show of all time: Twin Peaks. She currently oversees the Film, Music and Gaming Departments. 25YL is her passion project and is constantly delighted at how big and beautiful it has grown.

Laura lives by the sea in Gower, Wales, with her husband and very special little boy.

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