Has Michael Myers Found The One That Will Let Him Rise Again? Blumhouse Sets Sights on Teems to Pen Sequel

*Halloween theme tune intensifies*

Rumours have started creeping around like October fog that horror movie giants Blumhouse have a new writer in their sights for a sequel to 2018’s hit Halloween. Rumour is, they want Scott Teems to pen the sequel, who has worked with Blumhouse previously on Stephen King adaptations. Blumhouse have yet to confirm officially that a sequel is in the works, but after the box office success of Halloween, a sequel seems highly likely.

There is also talk that the 3 Strode women who survived the 2018 film will return for a sequel. We already know that legendary Jamie Lee Curtis has shown she would be up for another film depending on the creative team behind it. Perhaps she is already a fan of Teems and this is a strategic choice by Blumhouse to secure our favourite Myers hunter?

Mike Myers 'The Shape' in Halloween 2018

Another exciting factor for a sequel is that John Carpenter has recently indicated that he would like to work on the score, if another Halloween movie did happen. So it’s possible that before the film is even announced, Carpenter and Curtis would already be on-board. This is all speculation at this point as Blumhouse have not commented, but it’s enough to get us Halloweeen fans excited.

For me, the 2018 Halloween was just what we needed. It was almost a fresh start, forgetting the sequels and taking us back to the idea of ‘What happened to Laurie after the film?’. It gave us an alternate world where she wasn’t his sister. A world where the sequels didn’t get a bit rubbish. A world without Resurrection. And I for one am all for a world without Resurrection. This new Laurie we were given is a badass. She borders on paranoid schizophrenia for the majority of the film but we as fans know she’s not crazy.

Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), Karen (Judy Greer) & Allyson Nelson in Halloween 2018

So a sequel would be well received I think. But we would need a good explanation of how he escaped the fire at the end. If they want us to forget everything the sequels taught us, that includes the fact that he’s seemingly invincible. He already took a fair beating in the 2018 film, he was run over, had some fingers shot off, was stabbed AND shot a few times too. But for him to escape being trapped in the basement of a burning house without a good explanation is a bit too far fetched for me. I don’t want to go all ‘Annie Wilkes’ on a half-arsed explanation, but I will. HE COULDN’T GET OUT OF THE COCK-A-DOODY BASEMENT!

We will keep an eye out for anymore Halloween rumours and news, so do not fear the Boogeyman returning. 25 Years Later has your back.

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