Watch the NOS4A2 Trailer: New AMC Show to Debut June 2

Based on the excellent Joe Hill horror novel with the same name, the 10-episode TV adaption of NOS4A2 will debut on AMC on June 2. Details on the new show have been trickling out over the past few months, and the more I learn, the more excited I become.

The 2013 novel centers around Vic McQueen, a girl who rides her bicycle through the Shorter Way Bridge and is taken to the location of whatever she is looking for. She eventually encounters the evil Charles Manx, who drives a Wraith, kidnaps kids, and holds them captive in a place called “Christmasland.” NOS4A2 (an allusion to the vampire Nosferatu) won’t be a traditional “vampire” show, but it is definitely looking creepy as hell—just check out the NOS4A2 trailer below.

With another novel-to-TV-series, coincidentally also loosely about vampires, The Passage, I went into the premiere of that show with a lot of skepticism. (While not perfect, The Passage actually ended up being a lot better than I thought and is worth watching.) However, I am full on-board with NOS4A2. I have very high hopes for this show, based on the buzz I have seen so far and the fact that it’s on AMC, a channel that has produced some extremely high-quality programming in the past few years. Ashleigh Cummings is playing Vic, and from the brief moments I’ve seen, she looks perfect for the part. Zachary Quinto will be playing the terrifying Charlie Manx.

There are a few things I’m curious about with the TV adaption of NOS4A2. The novel bounced around throughout Vic McQueen’s life, from childhood, to teen years, to adulthood. Will the first season of the show do the same, or will it focus on Vic’s childhood? The IMDB casting list only shows Ashleigh Cummings as playing Vic, so perhaps the first season will only be focusing on her childhood.

Also, and I realize this is a somewhat petty observation, but I wonder how the “Christmasland” parts will play with the episodes airing during the summer. I remember reading Hill’s novel right around Christmastime and it really added to my enjoyment. Despite this, I’m happy we’ll be getting NOS4A2 in only a couple months. Stay tuned for weekly coverage of NOS4A2 here on 25YL.


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Written by Bryan O'Donnell

Bryan O'Donnell is a Writer and TV Editor for 25YL. In addition to TV and Twin Peaks, he loves music, baseball, reading, and playing video games. He lives in Chicago.

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