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Gaming Writers Wanted to Join The 25YL Team

25YL has come a long way in the past year, with thousands of daily views and a strong and dedicated following on social media. We believe that we can be the next BIG THING in the world of TV, Film, Gaming & Culture. To get there, we need your help.

You may or may not have noticed, but we have been dipping our toes into the world of Gaming here lately. It makes sense for us to take this step—we know our readers enjoy playing games as well as watching TV & Film and there is such a vast quantity of titles, genres, and franchises to write about; old and new. So we are planning to dive in deep this Fall.

But we have always done things a little differently here at 25YL. Our writers are encouraged to share their personal experiences, with an independent view and from the heart. We enjoy exploring theory and analysis when it comes to TV, Film and Culture, so why should Gaming be any different? The answer is…it shouldn’t! But we do need more people to join our Gaming Team to make this happen. If you think this may be of interest to you, please take a look at the advert below.

Gamers Wanted Ad

These are our current vacancies

Gaming Writers

We need passionate and outgoing writers who are keen to get their teeth stuck into daily news, and with E3 just around the corner, to keep the site up to date with relevant and topical articles.

In addition, we want to hear your opinion. Unlike many sites, at 25YL, we encourage our writers to express their views and share their knowledge and expertise of Gaming by writing in-depth analysis, with a unique angle and independent voice. Areas that we would like to cover include:

– Day 1 and Day 25 Reviews of New Games

– Gaming News

– E3 and Convention coverage

– Franchises

– Genres

– Character Analysis

– Retro games and consoles

– Gaming Lore

– Indie titles

– Underground and niche projects

– General/topical opinion pieces

This position will require multiple writers who can report on breaking news quickly, can commit to writing reviews and articles about gaming every week and are willing to be regularly active in our Slack Workspace.

It is imperative that you have a solid grasp of the English Language, grammar and punctuation, and can present articles in a factual manner, but with a flare of personality and creativity.

Experience in using WordPress is advantageous, but full training will be given. You would report to the Head of Gaming and the Editor-In-Chief, who you would need to liaise with regularly for pitch and content approval.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send an email to AND, letting us know:

  • Where you are located
  • Approximately how many articles a week you can contribute
  • Your areas of interest in Gaming (genres, titles, franchises)
  • Any experience you have of writing
  • What else you are passionate about (TV, Film, Music, etc.)

So if you have a passion for Gaming and want to try your hand at writing about what you love, get in touch.

Thank you for taking an interest in working for 25YL. We hope to hear from you soon.

Written by 25YL

This article was written either by a Guest Author or by an assortment of 25YL staff

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