25YL Needs You! Now Hiring Forum Moderators

The next step in the evolution of 25YL actually draws from the past for inspiration—forums or message boards as some call them. We recognize that people enjoy various forms of interaction online. Some prefer the experience they get on Twitter; some prefer Facebook. Others enjoy Reddit. What we aim to do with our forums is take elements we like from all of these platforms and incorporate them into one central location.

If you’re a regular reader of 25YL, you know our content is diverse, just like our readers. We know that Twin Peaks fans also enjoy horror films. That gamers enjoy quality television and so on. 25YL’s forums offer our readers one location to discuss all of your interests instead of bouncing all over social media. Want to talk about that show you’re obsessing over, a game you’ve been playing and get film recommendations? You can do all of these things and more in our forums. Our TV, Film, Horror, Twin Peaks & Gaming departments will all be well represented on our forums, as well as other areas we write about such as wrestling and pop culture from year’s past. It will all be here. One place: All of your obsessions.

Damn fine conversation isn’t all that our forums will be the host too. In an attempt to incorporate elements from social media platforms, we’ll be hosting watch parties and other group activities in our forums as well. Long term, we’re even going to explore bigger ideas, such as our own version of Reddit’s AMAs.

So the question is, do you want to join us? 25YL will be looking to start a team of moderators to run our forums. The role of the moderators will be to ensure that everyone is having a good time, nobody is being a buzzkill and also, working with 25YL management on how to keep bringing new and creative ideas to life. We want to provide the best experience possible on our forums and to do so we need a solid team to help us. If you are interested or would like to discuss further, please email Andrew (


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