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Horror collage art by Chais Labgenz

Horror is such a wide umbrella that the possibilities are endless. If you have a passion to write about any aspect of the horror genre, we are dying to hear what keeps you up at night! In case you might think that what you’re into is too fringe or not quite horror, try us! We are looking for writers that are interested in covering the best and widest plate of what horror has to offer; like the following:

  • New and cutting edge independent releases that otherwise may not find coverage on bigger sites
  • Re-evaluation and personal analysis of genre classics and overlooked gems
  • Deep dive analyses on directors, horror tropes, and horror films that you can’t get out of your head
  • Being a home for burgeoning young talent and offering the most insightful coverage on films from smaller production companies
  • Spotlight pieces on makeup/fx artists, score composers, stunt performers, and other people behind the scenes that help bring horror to life…the unsung heroes of the genre!
  • Keeping a finger on the pulse of the most exciting new releases in horror from the big studios

To sound a little bit like the Hell Priest himself, at 25YL those are just a few of the sights we have to show you! Above is a list of the type of coverage we are looking for, but none of this is set in stone and we are always looking for exciting new pitches from writers and ideas on how we can make our coverage even bigger and better!

So what are you waiting for boils and ghouls? It’s time to get weird, dark, and spooky with us at 25YL! It is a chance to be a part of a site that feels more like a family that is truly offering writers a unique way to cover cinema and tv.

Our writing positions are all about passion. WordPress experience will help navigate through the system, but training will be given. We have a Slack workspace where all work is planned.

We want people that want to be there with us and are going to be as engaged every day on this journey together as we are. We hope that you’ll join our team of writers and spread the good gospel of horror far and wide in whatever way is most passionate to you!

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send an email to AND, letting us know:

  • Your areas of interest in Horror (genres, titles, franchises)
  • Any experience you have of writing
  • What else you are passionate about (Film, Music, Gaming, etc.)
  • Why you want to join 25YL

So if you have a passion for Horror and want to try your hand at writing about what you love, get in touch.

Help us keep the conversation alive! We publish new content daily that can easily be found by following us on Twitter, Instagram, by joining our Facebook Page, our Forums or becoming an email subscriber here on the site. Thank you as always for your support of 25YL!

If you would like to write for 25YL leave us a message on our website here or send an email to:


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