Jim Cornette has resigned from the NWA

As reported earlier on this site, Jim Cornette managed to get an episode of NWA Power pulled from air due to a badly judged piece of commentary that managed to offend pretty much everybody. At the time I wondered what the future held for Cornette within the company, and now we know.

Jim Cornette has resigned from the NWA.

A statement released on The NWA Official Website says;

Effective immediately: Jim Cornette has resigned from the National Wrestling Alliance. As an announcer on the November 19th edition of NWA Power, Jim made remarks during a singles match between Nick Aldis and Trevor Murdoch that were both offensive and do not meet the high standards of decency and good faith of the National Wrestling Alliance.

To ensure that such an error can never happen again, we’ve established new procedures of review for all NWA programming going forward.

We sincerely regret our failure in this regard.”

It seems that The NWA had no option but to give Cornette the choice to either jump or be pushed and it seems he chose the former. I doubt very much that their champion, Nick Aldis, being unimpressed by Cornette’s actions did him any favors either.

So what’s next for Jim Cornette? Will he go back to Twitter and continue to wage his war against anyone who doesn’t fit his antiquated sense of what pro-wrasslin’ should be? Or will he finally take the hint and just disappear into the background?

Well, whatever he chooses to do you know he won’t be quiet about it. Expect to see another case of foot-in-mouth disease strike Cornette very soon.

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Written by Neil Gray

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