There is More to Life than Watching TV; You Can Write About It, Too!

TV Writers Wanted to Join the 25YL Team

25YL is a special place. Having started with a handful of people who were really into Twin Peaks, it has over the past two years expanded into a site that covers a wide array of television, film, and more.

But what sets us apart is a commitment to a certain kind of depth. We like to think about things, and to provide others with food for thought. We strive for analysis, theory, interpretation…to get at what things have to say about the human condition and/or societal relations or to explore some personal connection with the work in question.

Everything we do is edited, and we are committed to trying to make sure that everything we put out is as good as it can be, not just in terms of its content, but in terms of its form.

And we keep expanding. If you were able to look at where our TV department was a year or so ago, for example, and then look at where it is now, you couldn’t help but be as impressed as I am about the range of things that we have covered, and how well we have done so.

But we want to do more, and for that, we need your help. The staff here is devoted and passionate about putting out high-quality work that gets people thinking and talking, but we want to get more people into the game. We want to do more. We want to take over the world.

This is specifically a call for TV writers (although we are always also looking for people to contribute to other departments, such as Film, Horror, Music, and Gaming). I told you: we are trying to take over the world (while also remaining committed to our signature style).

But in terms of TV, here is what we are currently looking for:

TV Writers

We need writers who are not only passionate about TV, but thoughtful/willing to engage in a deeper analysis than you often get elsewhere.This isn’t about giving shallow reviews, but about digging in and providing a deeper style of analysis that our readers have come to expect from us. In particular, we are looking for people who are interested in:

  • Covering new shows that look intriguing (whether this is a matter of something that airs on a weekly basis, or engaging with something that is released all at once on a streaming service)
  • Getting on as many pilots of new shows as possible, even if it ends up only being a matter of writing on the first episode (because, of course, sometimes things won’t be worth thinking about further)
  • Digging into older/existing shows and exploring things worth thinking about within them (there is a lot we could be doing here, to where I almost want to emphasize it over the above)
  • Contributing to a series that focuses on standalone episodes from Horror programs such as Tales from the Crypt and Sci-Fi shows such as The Twilight Zone
  • Discussing themes and the like that cut across various shows, or trends within the genre
  • Contributing to themed series, such as Cancelled Too Soon, Perfect Pilots, etc.

In particular, I’m hoping to get more people who interested in regularly contributing to things like the Episode of the Week series mentioned above. It has expanded to where one might write on an episode from a drama, etc., but the original idea was about horror/sci-fi and there is so much there we could be doing. We’ve barely scratched the surface.

Experience in using WordPress is advantageous, but full training will be given. You would report to the Head of the TV department and the Editor-In-Chief, both of whom you would need to liaise with regularly for pitch and content approval using Slack, which you will be expected to be active within regularly.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please fill out this form and we’ll get back to you.

So if you have a passion for TV and want to try your hand at writing about what you love, get in touch.

Thank you for taking an interest in working for 25YL. We hope to hear from you soon.

Caemeron Crain

Written by Caemeron Crain

Caemeron Crain studies philosophy and is a writer and head of the TV department at 25YL. He is a party to a Twin Peaks podcast that then did a few episodes on Surrealism before entering an indefinite hiatus. He also has a cat.

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