Can You Hear Us Now? 25YL Goes Stereophonic!

For long-time fans of 25YL, you know we’ve grown since the days of damn fine pie and coffee and being the Twin Peaks site that could, to a full-fledged entertainment and pop culture website.  While we still theorize television, film, gaming, and all things pop culture, starting in 2020, we’re beginning an endeavor to bring you the voices from behind the page.  25YL will be releasing audio versions of some of our articles! All you need to do to listen to this amazing content is become one of our Patrons! Each of our $5 or $10 Patrons will have access to our exclusive audio articles. This is your chance to hear what we’re obsessing over lately.

To entice you to become one of our patrons, we’re releasing this first audio article, free. That’s right, all you can listen below and you’ll get to hear the melodic tone of J.C. Hotchkiss revealing Part 3 of her most divisive theory in her three-part series, Reincarnation and The Return: Ding Dong, Cooper’s Dead.  If you’re a 25YL podcast subscriber already it’ll also be available on your chosen platform shortly. If you’re not, sign up!

If you love to listen and are ready to support our continued obsessions, then go to our Patreon and become a Patron today!

Cooper and Harry hug it out, Twin Peaks.

Written by J.C. Hotchkiss

J.C. Hotchkiss is a Office Manager by day and Managing Twin Peaks Editor for 25YL Site the other 16 hours of the day. When she isn’t writing of her love of FBI Agents with a penchant for doughnuts, coffee and pie, she enjoys getting lost in a good book, sipping a damn fine glass of wine among friends, chatting with her "TB's" about Cevans and Fleabag's Hot Priest, and trying to keep up with the latest cartoon craze via her 6 year old. She lives smack in the middle of the Big Apple and Beantown, so for a girl with many different interests and tastes it's the perfect place to be.

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