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Sweeney Todd: A Massacre of Burtonian Proportions: An Audio Article

25YL has gone stereo! We will be releasing audio versions of some of our articles, which will be exclusive content for our Patrons. Anyone who signs up to pledge $5 or $10 per month, will have access to our exclusive audio articles, plus many other benefits. This is your chance to hear what we’re obsessing over lately in the world of Film, Horror, TV, Gaming, Music and Sport.

To give you a FREE taste of what you can expect, you can listen below to hear Cat Smith reading her article on Sweeney Todd: A Massacre of Burtonian Proportions— a musical close to Cat’s heart, but not Tim Burton’s, so it seems. So enjoy a moment and some of Mrs. Lovett’s meat pies, yuck, and listen to this story.

If you’re a 25YL podcast subscriber already it’ll also be available on your chosen platform shortly. If you’re not, sign up

Fans of Midsommar, just in case you missed this, here is Laura Stewart’s audio from her article, Psychedelic Healing in Midsommar — Ari Aster’s brilliant, sunny and psychedelic film.

And Twin Peaks fans, don’t miss this great audio article from J.C. also free to listen to now!

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