Allysin Kay Continues to Call out Tessa Blanchard

It seems as if the controversy surrounding Tessa Blanchard isn’ t going to be going away any time soon. At least, not if Allysin Kay has anything to say about it.

Kay was the first person to call Blanchard out, revealing the alleged racist incident that supposedly happened in Japan, and when the Impact World Champion released a statement denying it had ever taken place, Kay responded with this;

Allysin Kay on Twitter

You can try to babyface the fans, but the majority of our peers know Rosa’s story is true and that’s what matters. I really hope that one day the other two witnesses of this incident come forward and further expose you as not only a racist, but a liar and an undeniable scumbag.

Even though Kay seemed ready to draw a line under the whole situation, this morning two new tweets appeared that seem to suggest that this is not going to be the case anytime soon.

Unnamed source/sources messaged Kay to warn her that Tessa is, allegedly, trying to gather information on her to use in retaliation.

Allysin Kay on Twitter

I said what I had to say so I’d love to move on, but I just got several msgs about @Tess_Blanchard trying to spread lies. Unfortunately for you, I’ve built my 11-yr reputation on being respectful.

Kay has, obviously, denied any wrongdoing and is more than confident that she has built a reputation that will remain unsullied. She is also refusing to back down and will continue to speak up in hopes that others follow suit.

Allysin Kay on Twitter

This is one reason people don’t speak up. It’s also one of the reasons I felt I needed to be the one to do so. I have a thick skin, there’s no dirt on me, I have a large platform & amt of colleagues who vouch for me.

Again, I have to point out that this is all “allegedly” and that neither I nor 25YL has any proof that supports the claims against Blanchard.

Yet with the eyes of the entire wrestling community fixed firmly on these happenings, it will surely be only a matter of time before Impact themselves are forced to get involved.


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Written by Neil Gray

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