Royal Rumble Predictions Showdown

In the first-ever Predictions Showdown, 25YL’s own Inner Circle will be taking on the Royal Rumble in a concept so simple, that everyone’s doing it.

Which is why we’ve decided to give it a go.

Our little faction is going head to head, trying to figure out the winner of each match and when it’s all over, we’ll tally up the results and see who has bragging rights until the next PPV.

As Conor O’Donnell has openly admitted to not having kept up with the WWE scene in a while, bloody NJPW fan-boy, he’ll just be picking the winners of each match but for the rest of you lucky people, you’ll have the musings of myself, Christopher Flackett, and Andrew Grevas to guide you through the minefield of this year’s Royal Rumble.

If you feel like joining in then either post your choices in the comments section or tag me @TerrorCarnival on Twitter and I’ll be sure to include you in the final standings.

All clear?

Good, then let’s lace up our boots and head to the ring.

Chad Gable vs Sheamus

Chad (I’m Not Bloody Calling Him Shorty G) Gable vs Sheamus

Christopher Flackett: Expect Seamus to take the win, possibly by foul means, to set up the rematch where Clarke Gable ‘redeems’ himself.
Winner: Sheamus

Andrew Grevas: I really hope Sheamus doesn’t get the “out of nowhere small package upset” treatment. Would it surprise me? No, but Sheamus needs a strong win here. He can be a player still if booked right.
Winner: Sheamus

Neil Gray: This has got Daniel Bryan Wrestlemania squash written all over it, Sheamus to kick Gable’s head off in about 10 seconds, which is all the time I’ll need to question my life choices.
Winner: Sheamus

Conor O’Donnell: Sheamus

Andrade vs. Humberto Carrillo

United States Championship Title Match: Andrade vs. Humberto Carrillo

Christopher Flackett: Big things are predicted for Andrade, especially now he’s been given the rub of beating a veteran star like Rey-Rey. I can’t see him losing at the Royal Rumble.
Winner: Andrade

Andrew Grevas: There’s a lot of people in the company high on Carrillo but now isn’t the time for a title switch. I’m expecting him to stay strong here but Andrade’s run needs to continue.
Winner: Andrade

Neil Gray: I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that Humberto is going to get the win. Probably after Zelina Vega does something stupid to get herself ejected, thus setting up the feud going through to Wrestlemania.
Winner: Humberto Carrillo

Conor O’Donnell: Andrade

Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin

Falls Count Anywhere: Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin

Christopher Flackett: Unless the idea is to have the pay off to this feud at Wrestlemania, I cannot envision a scenario where Reigns doesn’t come out with the win and walks into a marquee Wrestlemania match.
Winner: Roman Reigns

Andrew Grevas: I’m going Corbin here, especially if Reigns is the guy to win the Royal Rumble. Corbin’s modern version of “X-PAC” heat really is something to behold. This guy would probably get booed out of his mother’s house. That being said, Reigns doesn’t need the win but for Corbin, it goes a long way.
Winner: King Corbin

Neil Gray: The numbers game is going to be a big difference here and even though Reigns has The Usos in his corner, Corbin has The Revival to help out as well and 5 beats 3 any day of the week.
Winner: King Corbin

Conor O’Donnell: King Corbin

Bayley vs Lacey Evans

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match: Bayley vs. Lacey Evans

Christopher Flackett: A simpler one to call here. Lacey has been positioned as the WWE‘s very own ‘Liberty Belle’ in recent weeks, and Bayley has been less than impressive as champion. A Lacey win sets up a confrontation with Sasha Banks at Wrestlemania perfectly.
Winner: Lacey Evans

Andrew Grevas: Bayley’s run has been excellent and there’s no reason to end it here. Bayley has more than earned a big Mania match this year and I’m expecting her to roll through this challenge at the Royal Rumble.
Winner: Bayley

Neil Gray: Lacey Evans shouldn’t be anywhere near the SmackDown Women’s Championship, which is exactly why she’s going to win it because Vince McMahon hates me.
Winner: Lacey Evans

Conor O’Donnell: Bayley

Becky Lynch vs Asuka

Raw Women’s Championship Match: Becky Lynch vs. Asuka

Christopher Flackett: A controversial one, this, as Becky is seemingly the face of the company now, and Asuka is still a tag champion. But as the face of the company, Becky could be expected to have a big Wrestlemania moment. What bigger moment than beating the one woman she hasn’t been able to, on the grandest stage of all, reclaiming her title in the process? But to get there, Asuka needs to take the title first at the Royal Rumble.
Winner: Asuka

Andrew Grevas: I can’t wait to watch this match. I’m expecting these two women to go all out and steal the show. Becky needs the win here to settle the score and I would be surprised at any other outcome.
Winner: Becky Lynch

Neil Gray: If the WWE doesn’t keep the title on The Man until Wrestlemania then they’re a lot dumber than I thought they were. Becky hasn’t been able to beat Asuka in a fair fight yet, expect that to change at the Royal Rumble.
Winner: Becky Lynch

Conor O’Donnell: Becky Lynch

The Fiend vs Daniel Bryan

Universal Title Strap Match: The Fiend vs. Bray Wyatt

Christopher Flackett: Another match that would have been better saved for Wrestlemania, as the redemption of Daniel Bryan, defeating The Fiend and taking his title, would be a solid Wrestlemania moment if done right. While a Fiend win would make sense now if the company is fully committed to the character, a Bryan win would make sense if the goal is to set up a Bryan-Reigns match for Wrestlemania, which is a more appealing prospect than Fiend-Reigns, it must be said.
Winner: Daniel Bryan

Andrew Grevas: I’m expecting a hard-hitting, brutal match here that will do more in solidifying Wyatt as a top tier guy than anything WWE booking has done for him. Bryan is in a position to make Wyatt look like the monster and champion he should be portrayed as and get Wyatt ready for what’s next at Wrestlemania.
Winner: The Fiend

Neil Gray: If the WWE doesn’t keep the title on The Fiend until Wrestlemania then they’re a lot dumber than I thought they were. Sound familiar? Good, so it should, I’ve only just written it, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that this version of Bray Wyatt is far too important to the company for them to have him drop the strap at the Royal Rumble, even if it would be to Daniel Bryan.
Winner: The Fiend

Conor O’Donnell: Daniel Bryan

Women's Royal Rumble

Women’s Royal Rumble Match

Christopher Flackett: Even harder to call, due to a lack of names announced yet. WWE seems to be throwing away their big marquee Wrestlemania match – Lynch vs. Asuka – at the Royal Rumble, unless they’re setting up for a rematch at The Show Of Shows. Same with Lacey vs. Bayley. The best option would be Lacey taking the title from Bayley, with Sasha winning the Royal Rumble, setting up a big match between them at the granddaddy of them all and paying off their simmering feud.
Winner: Sasha Banks

Andrew Grevas: WWE needs to establish the next top tier talent in the division and this match is the time to do it. Maybe it’s wishful thinking but now’s the time to move Shayna Baszler up the pecking order in WWE and shake things up in the division.
Winner: Shayna Baszler

Neil Gray: I was initially going to pick Charlotte after she started banging on about how she’s lost more than any other wrestler in the company over the past year but the sensible money seems to be on Shayna Baszler showing up and beating the hell out of everyone. If she wins she can have her pick of the titles, but I’d expect her to go after Becky in revenge for The Man taking the belts from Ronda Rousey.
Winner: Shayna Baszler

Conor O’Donnell: Shayna Baszler

Men's Royal Rumble

Men’s Royal Rumble

Christopher Flackett: Outside of Roman Reigns or a mystery entrant yet to be announced, I can’t see anyone else winning this. The main event scene is so limited at the moment. Expect Brock to take the win and be confronted by a mystery entrant or a surprise person altogether (are the Edge rumors true???)
Winner: Brrrrrrrrrock Lesnar

Andrew Grevas: If the Women’s match is being used to elevate a new talent, the men’s match will be played safe. That’s just WWE’s style. The logical choice is Roman Reigns here and that will be my official prediction. That being said, if WWE asked me my two cents, Drew McIntyre would be the one pointing at the Wrestlemania sign at the end of the match.
Winner: Roman Reigns

Neil Gray: After his defeat at the hands of King Corbin earlier in the night, I fully expect Super Roman to appear, battered and bruised, to win the whole enchilada. From here he will walk on water, heal the blind, and go onto Main-Event Wrestlemania and defeat The Fiend. Yay….
Winner: Roman Reigns

Conor O’Donnell: Roman Reigns

Bray Wyatt

Final Thoughts

It looks as if the first-ever Predictions Showdown is going to be a close call.

There’s not much to separate the great wrestling minds of 25YL and it’s probably going to come down to one or two differences of opinion as to who’s going to walk away as Le Inaugural Champion.

Though there’s a very good chance that Big Vinnie will swerve us all and have Bobby Lashley and Lana show up and win every match.

But what do you think?

Do you think we’re talking rubbish?

Do you think you know better than us?

Well, that’s some fine attitude you’ve got their, mister.

Why don’t you put it to the test.

As I said in the intro, you can either leave your own predictions in the comment section or tag me @TerrorCarnival on Twitter and you’ll be added to the mix.

And just imagine how good it will feel to be able to tell the wrestling staff of this site that they don’t know anything.

At least, until the next PPV.

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