Marty Scurll Makes Surprise Appearance in NJPW!

Last night (27th January), at the Durham, New Carolina leg of New Japan’s five-night ‘The New Beginning USA’ tour, everybody’s favourite ‘villain’ Marty Scurll made an unannounced appearance to the absolute shock and pleasure of those in attendance.

Marty took the mic and wasted no time in letting everyone know what he wants: a match with Bullet Club leader ‘Switchblade’ Jay White!

“Consider this an International dream match!” said The Villain. White is yet to issue a response.

So what does this mean for all those concerned?

Well, Scurll’s rumoured new deal with Ring of Honor, complete with booking privileges, seems to be the catalyst, as the proposed event for the match to occur on is Ring of Honor’s Supercard of Honor in Lakeland, Florida on April 4th. It’s clear then that the NJPW-ROH partnership is still ongoing, which is very much to ROH’s benefit. The likes of AEW and NWA sign up talents that at one time would have been prime ROH fodder. The NJPW talent will bolster a depleted roster.

ROH struggled for several reasons in 2019, but their inability to respond to the signing sprees of AEW, WWE, NWA and even MLW and Impact left them at a creative impasse they have yet to escape. Maybe, with Scurll managing a partnership with NWA, reigniting the NJPW-ROH partnership and even looking to broker relations between ROH and AEW, 2020 will see ROH get a new lease of life, or a new lease of honor if you prefer.

Scurll added that this is not the last time we will see The Villain in New Japan this year. Best of the Super Juniors, anyone? I’d buy a ticket for that.

Many people thought Scurll would follow his friends in The Elite into the family business of AEW. All of a sudden, though, Scurll seems to be the innovative one. 2020 might just be the year of The Villain.

We’ll bring you further updates as we have them.

NJPW’s ‘The New Beginning USA’ tour concludes on February 1st.

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