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An Audio Interview With Rebekah Del Rio

Join Jill Watson, as she talks intimately with the brilliant singer and songwriter Rebekah Del Rio, a long time David Lynch collaborator. They talk about her early life, revealing some details about her family she never has before, the loss of her son, and how all of these things contribute to the way she sings and how important it is to her to give hope and love the people through her music.

Recalling the experience of writing “No Stars” with John Neff and Lynch, she talks about what it was like filming the Roadhouse scene in Twin Peaks.

We hope you enjoy this wonderful interview, and we would like to thank Rebekah for taking time out of her very busy schedule to talk to us.

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Written by Jill Watson

A Pacific Northwest forest native and denizen, Jill appreciates the fact that others are occasionally willing to read something she's written. Dogs, radio production, and hiking occupy most of her time.

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