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A Look at Today’s New Twin Peaks Art

The Twin Peaks community loves and supports our artists, and this month 25YL is excited to be partnering with Showtime and Society6 to bring you exclusive looks at fan-created Twin Peaks art, all approved by David Lynch himself.

Every day, once a day, during the month of June, there will be a new design available. We are excited to present today’s design: “Dale Cooper’s Thoughts” by Geo Law.

Twin Peaks art by Geo Law depicting Agent Cooper's thoughts
Artist: Geo Law

This design is now available for purchase across a wide variety of products—art prints, clothing, phone cases, tote bags, and so much more. You can follow Geo on Instagram (@geolaw) and Twitter (@getaloadageo), and you can see more of his incredible work on his website.

CLICK HERE to check out all the merchandise available for today’s design! These are just some of the options available:

4 pieces of merchandise featuring geo law's art


This piece can’t help but remind me of one of the most interesting (and controversial) theories we’ve published here at 25YL: “Ding. Dong. Cooper’s Dead” by J.C. Hotchkiss. This theory is so fascinating that J.C. was asked to present it at the 2018 Split Screens Festival in New York City.

J.C. Hotchkiss stands on stage presenting at the 2018 Split Screens Festival
J.C. Hotchkiss presents her Agent Cooper theory at the 2018 Split Screens Festival.

Whatever you believe about the fate of Agent Cooper, today’s piece of Twin Peaks art is an excellent representation of our beloved Special Agent and really evokes the mindset of the Cooper we see in the Red Room in The Return.

Don’t forget to check in with 25YL at 12:15pm EST every day to see the day’s new art. In case you missed it, check out yesterday’s piece, “The Red Room” by Chris Bergeron. There’s a lot more damn fine stuff coming your way this month courtesy of the Twin Peaks art community.

twin peaks society 6 banner advertising the TP collection

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