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A Look at Today’s New Twin Peaks Art

The Twin Peaks community loves and supports our artists, and this month 25YL is excited to be partnering with Showtime and Society6 to bring you exclusive looks at fan-created Twin Peaks art, all approved by David Lynch himself.

Every day, once a day, during the month of June, there will be a new design available. We are excited to present today’s design: “Black Lodge Coop” by Bunny Miele.

Twin Peaks art of Agent Cooper holding tape recorder with a cup of coffee next to him and a face like the floor of the black lodge
Artist: Bunny Miele

This (as well as Bunny’s “Twin Peaks,” released on June 5th) is now available. You can also find Bunny on Instagram @bunnymiele.

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Seeing the Lodge floor inside Cooper’s head in today’s artwork reminds us of “The Continuing Education of Dale Cooper” by Lindsay Stamhuis, which shows us a Cooper who wants to remove Laura’s pain to the detriment of everything. Lindsay’s article goes into everything from White Knight Syndrome to overcoming trauma and even hints at elements of time itself. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll see a whole new level in today’s Twin Peaks art.

Don’t forget to check in with 25YL at 12:15pm EST every day to see the day’s new art. In case you missed it, check out yesterday’s pieces, “Double R Diner” and “Welcome to Twin Peaks” by Steven Rhodes. There’s a lot more damn fine stuff coming your way this month courtesy of the Twin Peaks art community.

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