Cursed Films Gets a Season Two at Shudder

Today, Shudder announced the second season of their hit show Cursed Films, premiering in 2021. The show, which is entirely written, directed, and executive produced by Jay Cheel (How to Build a Time Machine), is currently under production.

Linda Blair shrugging her shoulders as she tells a story on the set of Cursed Films.

The series Cursed Films is a docuseries examining well, cursed films. That is, films whose cast and crew have befallen certain tragedies. Season one covered films like The Omen, Poltergeist, and The Exorcist, all of which had mysterious legends surrounding them. This series sets out to explain what exactly happened to these casts and crews. From deaths and lightning strikes to sets burning down, these films have seen horrors that seem to mirror their on-screen counterparts. No episode information has been released for season two.

Cheel did reveal one bit of information about season two of Cursed Films, though. This season will venture outside of North America, which leads us to ponder what five films he’s chosen to focus on (maybe Werner Herzog’s Fitzcarraldo? I mean come on, someone offered to murder Klaus Kinski for Herzog on the set). Diversity in film and television is at all-time importance, so this is a great move on Cheel’s part.

A promotional poster for The Exorcist on the side of a building late at night.

According to Shudder, the series has gained quite a bit of popularity. It ranks as the streaming service’s second most-watched series (only after Creepshow of course), and their most-watched documentary. So, naturally, Shudder wanted more, and more we shall get. Watch this space for updates on episode details and a release date.

Which cursed films do you want to see in season two of Cursed Films? Let us know in the comments!

Erica Kay

Written by Erica Kay

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