Xbox Series X vs. Xbox One X: Loading Times

Many of us who are picking up the Xbox Series X will already own the Xbox One X. By now, most gamers will already know that the Series X will come with a 1TB SSD at launch. But how much quicker than the Xbox One X is the new console?

The most significant and obvious improvement with existing games on the Xbox Series X is the massive changes to load times. It has been reported by Tom Warren at Verge that games like Sea of ThievesWarframe, and Destiny 2 have their load times cut by up to a minute or more on the Series X. In Destiny 2. For example, you can now load into a planet in the game in around 30 seconds, compared to over a minute longer on an Xbox One X and nearly two minutes in total on a standard Xbox One.

Back in March of this year, Xbox released a Loading Times Tech Demo—the footage shows both the Xbox One X and the Xbox Series X, side to side running the same game. You’ll notice how fast the new Xbox really is from the following video:

Like any generation of game consoles, it will take months or even years to understand what the hardware advancements will do for game design. We’re waiting to see how ray tracing gets implemented into next-gen games and how many can deliver up to 120fps at a 4K resolution.

The true next generation of games is still a mystery, but what we’ve seen here from backwards-compatible games is encouraging. Hopefully, game developers will have fewer barriers with both the Xbox Series X and PS5, enabling them to deliver some improvements we’re only used to seeing on PC. Excited yet?

With thanks to @ChorizoMachine for this video.

Laura Stewart

Written by Laura Stewart

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