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With WWE’s Survivor Series coming up this Sunday, many people are upset that NXT was left out of this year’s rendition of the Brand-vs-Brand showdown. There have been many reasons rumored for the exclusion of the black and yellow brand, but we’ll save that for another time.

What I’m going to do today instead is quickly dive into how I would fantasy book a Worlds Collide event featuring NXT vs their counterparts from across the pond, a showdown that would take place on the Saturday before Raw and SmackDown face off for main roster brand supremacy. I’m not going to predict the winners here, just the matchups that I would like to see on my Worlds Collide event. So, without wasting any more time….let’s get into it.

Cruiserweight Championship Match – Santos Escobar vs. Jordan Devlin

Jordan Devlin never lost his NXT Cruiserweight championship and he has no problem making that known. Devlin was forced to return to Ireland and stay there since the Coronavirus pandemic broke out earlier this year, causing him to be unable to defend the title. Escobar was named the interim cruiserweight champion after winning a tournament to crown the new king of the division. The Irish Ace would surely be out to prove that he is still the man and the rightful titleholder. This is the kind of match that could steal the show, due to the athleticism and creativity of these two superstars.

Champions vs Champions Tornado Tag: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch vs. Gallus

In the words of Good Ol’ JR, this match screams slobber knocker. The Brit-Am Brawlers have been one of NXT’s most underrated tag teams for far too long. Now that they’re aligned with Pat McAfee, they’re finally starting to get the respect that they deserve. Wolfgang and Mark Coffee are no slouches themselves either, of course. All of these guys love to fight and the tornado tag stipulation is a guaranteed recipe for chaos.

2-Out-Of-3 Falls: Tyler Bate vs. Johnny Gargano

This is one is strictly just a dream match for myself. Johnny Wrestling, in my opinion, is incapable of putting on a bad match. Bate, despite his youth, has proven that he has that same potential. The possibilities are endless with this matchup. The storytelling and in-ring awareness of both of these superstars are just on another level. This match screams 30-40 minute classic to me.

NXT UK Women’s Champion vs NXT Women’s Champion: Kay Lee Ray vs. Io Shirai

Kay Lee Ray has made her mark as the longest reigning women’s champion in the history of the NXT UK brand. At the same time, Shirai has been running through the gauntlet that is the NXT’s stacked women’s division. These women have proven time and time again that they are on a whole different level from their peers. I would love to see them square off and truly see who is the best women’s champion across both NXT brands.

NXT UK Champion vs NXT Champion: WALTER vs Finn Balor

This match was rumored to happen at NXT UK Takeover: Dublin before, as mentioned above, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the event to be postponed until June of next year. A hypothetical World’s Collide on the day before Survivor Series would be a great way to still feature this matchup, even if we don’t get that same authentic crowd that we’ve become accustomed to with the NXT UK brand. WALTER has proven that he can work a great match with undersized guys such as Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate. Balor is one of the better wrestlers on the planet. Both men don’t mind putting their bodies on the line for the sake of the art. I’m getting goosebumps just imaging the direction that this match could go.

So, what do you think about my fantasy Worlds Collide card? Do you like the matchups? Who do you think would win each contest? Let me in the comments and/or on Twitter by following @ShartzerJon!


Written by Jon Shartzer

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