Rust on Console News Update December 2020

It’s December! 2020 has been a year to forget for obvious reasons, but the beginning of a new month means that it’s time for a new Rust on console news video from Chorizo Machine! 

Let us start by saying that we only deal with facts. We won’t waste your time with fabricated gaming news and this, of course, applies to Rust coming to the PS4 and Xbox One, or, as the latest rumour suggests, the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Some are saying—on Reddit and Twitter—that Double 11, the guys who are dealing with the console version of Rust, have changed plans and are now focusing on bringing the game solely to the next-gen, or rather the NEW generation of hardware and that we WON’T see the game on PS4 and Xbox One.

Chorizo Machine has looked into this and there’s no evidence whatsoever that we won’t see Rust on PS4 and Xbox One. This is just speculation, and as CM has said in previous videos, you’ve got to ignore rumours until you see Garry Newman, Facepunch or Double 11 confirming that the stories are true.

If you check the official PlayRust site, the ‘Coming to Console’ page is still live. And as you can see, it says that the game IS coming to PS4 and Xbox One. Obviously, if you’re a PS5 and Series X owner you’ll be able to play on these systems too—It will probably run a lot better too. 

But when is it coming? We all thought we’d be playing this on our PlayStation and Xbox consoles by now. Double 11 have been quiet on Facepunch Commits (if you’re new to these videos, Facepunch Commits is a site where developers share bug fixes, report stuff that they add or remove from the game and that kind of thing). The most recent Double 11 entries are concealed so we can’t see what they report.

Garry and the Facepunch guys are still very quiet on social media when it comes to the console version of Rust. But as CM said in November’s video, no news is good news. They could have told us all that this game is not coming to the consoles and they’ve cancelled the entire project but this isn’t the case. 

So apologies that there is no news and Decembers update is once again, not a good news update but a quashing of rumours. For now, that’s all we have on the Rust console situation. It’s highly unlikely that we’ll get anything until 2021 now. If anything changes we’ll let you all know straight away.


Written by Laura Stewart

Laura is the Assistant Editor-In-Chief, a Writer and Assistant to the Webmaster at 25YL. She has been part of the team since May 2017 when she began writing about her favourite TV show of all time: Twin Peaks. She currently oversees the Film, Music and Gaming Departments. 25YL is her passion project and is constantly delighted at how big and beautiful it has grown.

Laura lives by the sea in Gower, Wales, with her husband and very special little boy.

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