What’s the Buzz: Sweet Boys, Small Axe, and IDLES

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Sweet Boys Podcast

Abbie: Today I’m really excited to share a new podcast that means a hell of a lot to me. With England coming out of its second lockdown and into a strict tiered system over the Christmas period, I’m in search of comforts. I’m eating way too much pasta, and binge watching Grace and Frankie at all times. A big comfort to me is keeping up with a few specific YouTubers each month, some of whom I have followed for years. At the top of my favourites list is Garrett Watts. He is possibly the most creative content creator that I can think of and his incredibly welcoming personality created a personal relationship between him and his viewers almost instantly.

If you watch Garrett you’ll know that his dear friend Andrew Siwicki lights up his videos with his humour and his famous loveable laugh. Andrew doesn’t have a YouTube channel, though he has worked as cameraman for other channels in the past, and Garrett’s upload schedule has definitely been a recurring theme on his channel. Sometimes his breaks can last almost a year long, so to think that these two would form a weekly podcast together was once only something that we’d dream about but never speak out loud. It didn’t seam realistic at all. However at the time the world needed them most, Garrett and Andrew hit us with the Sweet Boys podcast!

With three episodes so far, you can find the Sweet Boys podcast on the Apple store, Spotify, or your preferred podcast streaming service. What I opt for, and recommend, is following the Sweet Boys YouTube channel. If you don’t you’re missing out on such luxuries as seeing the big wooden spider sat between Garrett and Andrew as they record, or Garrett’s fantastically nerdy decorated studio, or the little clips they insert that relate to their topics. I’ve watched Garrett on screen for years and this is weekly extra YouTube content for me, I could listen to them conversing for days at a time and it wouldn’t bore me. Maybe that’s because the conversation changes direction and pace every two minutes. But they always remember what they were originally talking about, I promise.

But why should you listen to the Sweet Boys podcast? Because it’s a lot of fun to hang out with your friends and get to know them on a deeper level. That’s what this feels like. Garrett and Andrew aren’t interested in creating false personas here, they’re having genuinely enjoyable conversation as two friends who spend a lot of time together and are hilarious together. Each episode reveals a new layer of their personalities or a new habit you discover watching them that you can relate to. You could never feel lonely when listening to or watching the Sweet Boys podcast because you have the friendliest characters right there in the room with you. I really hope you give the podcast a listen and that it makes you happy in the same way it does for me.

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