Ark 2 Coming to Xbox Series X / S with Vin Diesel

Guess what! We’re getting Ark 2, with Vin Diesel!

There’s something about Ark that kept us going back for more. Back in the day when there wasn’t a lot of competition when it came to survival gaming on the PS4 and Xbox One, Ark was a solid option. Ark 2 will be a launch exclusive on Xbox Series X and Series S. But what does ‘Launch Exclusive’ mean exactly?

Basically, the new Xbox consoles will get it first and then at a later date, will release it on PC. There’s no information about a PS5 release as of yet. Ark 2 will release on Xbox Series X & S in 2021 but we haven’t been given a specific date.

What’s interesting about this is that there’s been no talk about Ark 2 coming to PS4 and Xbox One. This may be the start of things to come—perhaps some publishers will phase out developing new projects on the older technology. If we do get any information about the possibility of a last-gen console version of Ark 2, or a PS5 version, we’ll let you all know straight away.

One last thing: the actor, Vin Diesel, is not only going to star in Ark 2 but he’s actually working on the game too. His job title at Studio Wildcard is “President of Creative Convergence.” The extensive cinematic trailer for Ark 2 shown at The Game Awards was a great surprise.

It will be interesting to see how this project turns out and hopefully, the game will run on a brand new engine because Ark 1 still feels clunky.

With thanks as always to Chorizo Machine for the video footage and keep an eye out for more Ark 2 news on his YouTube channel. He’ll also be exploring the other up-and-coming console releases like Rust and the sequel to the Forest; Sons of the Forest plus many other games.

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