Did YOU Know Catherine, The Log Lady?

The Makers of the Documentary About Catherine Coulson’s Life Want To Hear From You

Did YOU know Catherine Coulson, The Log Lady? If so, the producers of a documentary series all about her would love to hear from you.

I Know Catherine, the Log Lady,” a documentary telling the story of the life and death of Catherine Coulson, is in its final phase of post-production. And let us tell you three things: this film will make you laugh, it’s definitely going to make you cry, and you will be absolutely amazed by the life that Catherine Coulson led. She really was an incredible woman.

We know that lots of Twin Peaks fans met Catherine Coulson and she had a lot of time for the fans of the show, becoming good friends with many. Director Richard Green (aka The Magician from David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive) is putting out the word to the community:

We want photos of Catherine, Twin Peaks fan art (especially of Margaret/The Log Lady), articles, interviews, video, or any other material YOU think should be considered in putting together the legacy of this remarkable actress and woman.

So, if you met Catherine, had your picture taken with her or have any memories you would like to be included in the documentary to be shared with the world, get in touch with the producers of the documentary at the email address below.

Many of Catherine’s friends and colleagues are featured in the film, including her dear friend David Lynch, who has some wonderful tales to tell. This is your chance to be part of something wonderful.

The cutoff for submissions is January 31, 2021. Please send them to or, if the file or files are larger than 20 MB, please send them via Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, or some comparable service at your convenience.

For more information on the forthcoming documentary film, visit

I know Catherine the log lady poster

 We have a deeply human story of a truly extraordinary human. Catherine Coulson made magic on stage, screen, behind the camera and in the lives of family, friends, fans, colleagues and even a congregation. — Richard Green, Director

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