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It’s Time For The Old Metal Bar-Steward Episode 9

It’s time for The Old Metal Bar-Steward Episode 9. That’s right, you filthy animals, it’s been seven days since I last brought you all the news, views, and opinions that are fit to rant about, and now it’s time for another dose of your weekly metal injection. But what does your Old Metal Bar-Steward have lined up for you this time out, courtesy of 25YL Media and The Ruminations Radio Network?

Jesus Would Have Loved Heavy Metal.

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Is it blasphemy? Is it satanic? According to a group of religious zealots, that’s just what WSOU College Radio currently is, and they’ll be damned (get it?) if they’re going to let them corrupt the minds of the young children! Then I take a swing at Putin and his Russian Hate Mob for locking up a Rammstein fan for sharing a video back in 2014. Next up, it’s time for Nutty Nugent Watch, and Old Ted seems to have stepped across the threshold from insanity to plain evil. After that, I stand side by side with Bob Vylan and ZAND as they try to get Die Antwoord thrown off the ALT+LDN bill. Then it’s onto NOFX who have been forced to pull out of the Punk Rock Bowling festival after fans took objection to them making jokes about a mass shooting in Las Vegas, before I celebrate the fact that Dee Snider and Twisted Sister took Clive Palmer to court for ripping off their song for his own benefit and won. Glenn Danzig has had a lot to say on cancel culture and Kelly Osbourne is trying to get her life back on track after her recent stumble in her sobriety. It seems that the new Soulfly album isn’t going to be coming out until 2022 either, and Sacred Reich’s singer Phil Rind needs your help to help pay the bills for his wife’s life-saving brain surgery. They’re also putting on a benefit concert for Exodus drummer Tom Hunting as he battles against stomach cancer. Black Label Society has been busy in the studio, recording 30 new songs, as have Judas Preist and Rob Halford, who have been working on his solo blues album. Mikkey Dee has been talking Lemmy and Motorhead, and you can now buy a Metallica-themed Optimus Prime and six strands of Kurt Cobain’s hair.

As always, if you’re easily offended then The Old Metal Bar-Steward is probably not for you. You should know that the opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone, and in no way reflect the opinions or thoughts of 25YL Media or The Ruminations Radio Network. But if you have a sense of humor, then the next 37 minutes should brighten up your day. I’ll be back in a week’s time with more of my musings. Until then, stay safe and stay metal, you filthy animals.

Written by Neil Gray

Neil Gray is the host of The Old Metal Bar-Steward podcast.

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