Music Writers Wanted to Cover Various (Sub)genres

Music Obsessive at 25YL is looking to bring on a number of writers focused on specific genres of their choosing. Nothing is too niche. Whether your beat is post-rock, post-punk, post-minimalism, hardcore, nerdcore, or hardvapour we want to publish your writing on the music you care about. Art rock, prog rock, new wave, experimental hip hop…hopefully it’s clear that we’re just listing examples. Broadly defined and mainstream genres are OK too—we want to give you a platform to write about the music you love.

Responsibilities as a music genre writer to include:

Keeping an eye out for new music in the (sub)genre, and writing reviews of standout albums and songs.

Regularly contributing to our back catalogue of articles by writing Favorites lists, other rankings, articles on albums from the past, etc.

Potentially conducting interviews with artists and others related to the genre of your choosing.

Potentially writing a weekly column that would provide a news roundup with a personal touch.

Audrey dances in the diner

Want to write about music?

Your genre can be as broadly or as narrowly defined as you like, and the door is also open to being our specialist for more than one.

In addition, you will be free to contribute not only in other areas of music but to other 25YL enterprises if you are so inclined.

Positions are currently unpaid, but if you are passionate about music and looking for a place to write about it, we want to share your ideas with the world.

Click through here to apply, and please note the genres that interest you in the comment field.

Struggling to define your tastes in genre-related terms? Don’t let that hold you back. Go ahead and apply, let us know what your music interests are, and we’ll take it from there.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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