Blue Rose Task Force Podcast Reads Laura’s Secret Diary

Please be advised: The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer deals with issues of sexual abuse, violence and drug abuse.

This week’s deep-diving spoiler-filled installment of the Blue Rose Task Force Podcast explores The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer—the novel published between Seasons 1 and 2 of Twin Peaks—using the full context of Twin Peaks from 1990 to 2017.

This episode marvels at how a book that merely needed to be written quickly and tie in to a TV show turned out to be so amazing. It begins with a short message from field agent Elle, who shares why this book is worthwhile yet also easily triggering.

Then John proceeds into the book’s behind-the-scenes origins and production history. Jennifer Lynch’s involvement and writing style are discussed, as is Sheryl Lee’s relationship with this book and her recording of the audiobook version. There’s also a section on how the book has been received over the years.

As for the contents of the book itself, The podcast explores the sides of Laura Palmer presented in the Secret Diary, followed by a look at BOB and her fight against him. There’s also recurring exploration of whether the book is showing us supernatural forces or masking memories, or both.

Laura’s support system goes under the microscope as well. Laura’s relationships with Donna Hayward, Bobby Briggs and Johnny Horne get particular focus, but all characters who appear often get a look.

Then her dreams are analyzed, as is the scene with the Log Lady. The episode also looks into Laura’s cat, Jupiter, and her horse, Troy. Then things wrap up by noting how the book reframes and sets up the whodunnit in the television series.

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The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer

Listen to this episode from Blue Rose Task Force: A Twin Peaks Obsessive Podcast on Spotify. Please be advised: The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer deals with issues of sexual abuse, violence and drug abuse.

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