FlashForward: A Retrospective

Back in 2019, I looked back at FlashForward, an ABC series that was marketed as the new LOST, during that landmark series’ final season. FlashForward would even cast Sonya Walter and Dominic Monaghan to try and capture the attention of LOST’s fans.

FlashForward was filled with promise. Based off the novel of the same name by Robert J. Sawyer, the concept allowed for an ongoing narrative that provided plenty of mythology and mystery and could have viewers in the palm of their hands for years to come.

But the production was filled with issues and problems from Day 1. Behind the scenes turmoil and leadership changes, including multiple show runner changes all within the first season, lead to a disjointed story and pace. The show suffered both from this turnover and also, the unrealistic comparisons to one of television’s most beloved mysteries of all time. Instead of being a shrewd marketing ploy, the comparisons to LOST became a hinderance for the struggling show.

But these problems aside, FlashForward navigated its storms wisely and was on track to be something special, had it not been cancelled. In this exclusive article for TV Obsessive, I look at what exactly was happening behind the scenes and then what the show could have been, had it been allowed the chance. Spoiler alert: It could have been great.

You can read the article in full here.

Written by Andrew Grevas

Andrew is the Founder / Editor in Chief of 25YL. He’s engaged with 2 sons, a staunch defender of the series finales for both Lost & The Sopranos and watched Twin Peaks at the age of 5 during its original run, which explains a lot about his personality.

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