The Walking Dead World Beyond: Pilot Analysis

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When The Walking Dead premiered, I don’t think anyone expected it to reach the level of popularity it would achieve. One of television’s biggest hits of this century, the series would spawn off several spinoffs, including The Walking Dead World Beyond, which would be the third show in this “universe”.

I covered the pilot episode for Horror Obsessive. It looked and felt different right away. The location was different. The environment totally different. The narrative was a huge departure, focusing on teenage characters who had largely been sheltered from the realities of this post apocalyptic society. There were promises of advancing the flagship series’ mythology, which was ultimately the draw for this planned out two season story.

In this article, I focus on the pilot episode. It had its issues. It was difficult jump to invest in teenage characters, for me at least, when this universe had been so solely focused on survival on the other shows. While this spin off would get better in time, the pilot had its issues and I think I fairly provided genuine criticism here. Perhaps a follow up piece is warranted on the series as a whole down the road. There’s a lot more to dive into.

You can read my coverage on The Walking Dead World Beyond Pilot at this link.


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Written by Andrew Grevas

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