Looking Back at HBO’s “The Outsider”

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In December of 2019, before the world as we knew it got turned on its head by a global pandemic, HBO sent journalists the first 6 episodes of a new limited series called The Outsider. I partnered with another writer/editor from TV Obsessive to split the coverage on each episode.

The first six episodes of The Outsider had me hooked and I personally couldn’t wait to see the final four. The show was creepy and captivating, although a little uneven at times. I can’t say that I loved it but when it was good, it was really good.

I would handle the spoiler free preview and then I would go onto write on five of the ten episodes additionally. Below I will link to all six of my articles. This is a series I still think about quite a bit. The first few episodes didn’t let you catch a breath. The expectations I had were quickly blown away and this show became something I didn’t expect. Which was a good thing. The second half of the season perhaps could have been condensed a little and ultimately, this was a mini series that probably should have been extended to a multi season show. There was more story to tell, at least in my opinion.

Still a fun mini series to look back upon. Here’s the links to my work. Let me know what you think!

Spoiler free review of the first 6 episodes

Episode 3 Analysis

Episode 4 Analysis

Episode 6 Analysis

Episode 7 Analysis

Series Finale Analysis


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Written by Andrew Grevas

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