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Recommend films for me!  


Matt Armitage
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03/04/2019 3:06 pm  

Always looking for good film recommendations. Pile them on me here...

Not a fan of mainstream blockbusters but happy to watch films that are relatively light if they're interesting, have great characters, are well scripted.

Love intelligent indie, horror, drama. 

25YL readers are big film fans so someone must have a great film I haven't seen. 

Paul Billington
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07/04/2019 12:11 pm  

Well, a couple you may or may not have seen...

Safety Not Guaranteed 

Three Billboards


Your Name


Christopher Holt
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19/04/2019 6:34 am  

I watched The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then Bigfoot last night and apart from some wonky troma style moments that seems out of place, solid recommend!