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25 Years Later has come a long way since it started, with thousands of daily views and a strong and dedicated following on social media. We at 25YL believe that we can be the next BIG THING in the world of TV, Film, Gaming & Culture. To get there, we need your help. Apply today for a writing job or other position at 25YL.

We are expanding fast, and need original, lively and opinionated writers in most of our departments to keep our growing army of readers happy. Have an idea you just feel compelled to share with the world? Get in on the ground floor of a growing publishing enterprise and be a part of something unique.

Social Media Networkers

Do you spend hours every day on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Do you have some spare time on your hands?

We’re looking for Social Media Networkers to join the 25YL Media team as we grow from strength to strength. Based all over the world, this business has a lot to offer with some very exciting plans in the cards so it’s the perfect time to get on board.

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Editorial Staff

The growth in our written output makes it a challenge for our editors to keep up and maintain our high standards. If you have an excellent grasp of grammar, an interest in editing for a popular and growing entertainment website, and getting some experience as a content editor, we’re interested in talking to you. Experience in WordPress would be useful, and basic SEO concepts are great, but a willingness to learn and not being scared of technology are more important. We have a lively and friendly editorial team, many of whom also write for the site, so you’re more than welcome to split your role. Most of our editors focus on a particular department but this isn’t required. If you’re interested, please email andrew@25yearslatersite.com directly.

Film Writers

25YL has always aimed to go that much further with its film analysis, and we’re looking for film writers who want to join us in celluloid deep dives, picking apart the layers, and giving your angle on some of the best (and most interesting) films of all time.

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Gaming Writers

We are in need of passionate and outgoing writers who are keen to get their teeth stuck into daily news to keep the site up to date with relevant and topical articles.

In addition, we want to hear your opinion. Unlike many sites, at 25YL we encourage our writers to express their views and share their knowledge and expertise of Gaming by writing in-depth analysis, with a unique angle and independent voice.

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TV Writers

We need writers who are not only passionate about TV, but thoughtful/willing to engage in deeper analysis than you often get elsewhere. This isn’t about giving shallow recaps or reviews, but about digging in and providing the deeper style of analysis that our readers have come to expect from us.

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Horror Writers

Horror is such a wide umbrella that the possibilities are endless. If you have a passion to write about any aspect of the horror genre, we are dying to hear what keeps you up at night! In case you might think that what you’re into is too fringe or not quite horror, try us! We are looking for writers that are interested in covering the best and widest plate of what horror has to offer.

In October 2020, 25YL Media launched Horror Obsessive. Help us grow our new site and become the destination for boils and ghouls around the globe!

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Music Writers

We are looking for creatives that love music of many genres to write reviews and featured articles on the music they love the most. The most important thing we’re looking for is music knowledge and passion for the subject. We don’t expect you to have a degree in Music Theory (though that would be great, honestly!), but we are looking for music articles that are interesting and thought-provoking, in line with the overall 25YL style.

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Sports Writers

25YL Media launched Sports Obsessive in early 2020. We’re passionate fans ourselves and those are the types of readers we want to attract. We want to publish content that goes beyond click-baity headlines. Have a sport you’d really like to dig into? Working on an analysis of something sports related that maybe goes beyond the surface level stuff you tend to find elsewhere? We may just have a place for you at 25YL.

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Note that writers for any department of 25YL are free to contribute to others. Not sure which of those apply links to click? A lot of them go to the same place! Thank you for taking an interest in working for 25YL. We hope to hear from you soon.