Fictional Presidential Election 2020: Round 2 — Vote Early and Often!

President Bartlet lights a cigarette in church in The West Wing "Two Cathedrals"

The 2020 election is fast approaching, but that’s no fun to think about!

Instead let’s vote for our favorite Presidents from film and TV in a bracket style showdown that will last for weeks! A lot of us probably wish we could cast a ballot for one of these fictional characters in November, but we’re not going to presume you want the person to actually lead the country (spoiler alert: they won’t anyway).

Round 1 didn’t present many surprises in either conference. I sort of thought Gaius Baltar would make it out of the first round, but he came up short in a close contest with Fitz Grant. And Allison Taylor won a real squeaker against J. Robert Fowler.

Will there be any upsets in Round 2? Who will advance to the next round? You decide! Cast your vote for your favorite fictional President!

Voting in this poll closes Saturday October 10th at 9pm EDT

  • Question of

    Choose One to Advance

    • Jed Bartlet standing in the Oval Office
      Jed Bartlet (The West Wing)
    • Fitz Grant in front of a flag
      Fitz Grant (Scandal)
  • Question of

    Choose One to Advance

    • Tom Beck stands at a podium
      Tom Beck (Deep Impact)
    • James Dale in front of a map
      James Dale (Mars Attacks!)
  • Question of

    Choose One to Advance

    • Thomas Whitmore giving a speech
      Thomas Whitmore (Independence Day)
    • Tom Kirkman sits at a desk
      Tom Kirkman (Designated Survivor)
  • Question of

    Choose One to Advance

    • Andrew Shepherd in the Oval Office
      Andrew Shepherd (The American President)
    • Selina Meyer in the Oval Office
      Selina Meyer (VEEP)
  • Question of

    Choose One to Advance

    • Laura Roslin raises her hand for the oath of office
      Laura Roslin (Battlestar Galactica)
    • Dave Kovic in front of a flag
      Dave Kovic (Dave)
  • Question of

    Choose One to Advance

    • David Palmer looks on
      David Palmer (24)
    • Skroob salutes
      President Skroob (Spaceballs)
  • Question of

    Choose One to Advance

    • James Marshall looks on
      James Marshall (Air Force One)
    • Allison Taylor sits at her desk
      Allison Taylor (24)
  • Question of

    Choose One to Advance

    • Merkin Muffley on the phone
      Merkin Muffley (Dr. Strangelove)
    • Camacho gives a speech
      Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho (Idiocracy)

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