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Horror Film Tournament: Round 1 Bracket A

Horror Icon collage of characters from famous horror movies
Horror collage art by Chais Labgenz

64 horror films start. Only one can be crowned the winner of the first ever “25YL Horror Film Tournament”. The concept is simple—look at each matchup and vote for the film you like the most. The tournament will continue until on Halloween Day, only 1 film is left standing, voted by our readers as their favorite.


Let the tournament begin!

  • Question /

    Pick 1 Film to advance

    • Danny rides up to twin girls in a corridor
      The Shining
    • return of the living dead poster
      Return of the Living Dead
  • Question /

    Pick 1 Film to advance

    • bruce campbell becomes the undead in Evil dead 2
      Evil Dead 2
    • the chucky doll with a knife
      Child’s Play
  • Question /

    Pick 1 Film to advance

    • an eye stretched wide and black hair
    • toni collette screaming with terror
  • Question /

    Pick 1 Film to advance

    • a woman sat up in bed as captured by a baby monitor
      Paranormal Activity
    • final destination character poster
      Final Destination
  • Question /

    Pick 1 Film to advance

    • hannibal lecter in mask
      Silence of the Lambs
    • the wicker man
      Wicker Man
  • Question /

    Pick 1 Film to advance

    • a little blonde girl put her hands up to a tv screen
    • hostel poster
  • Question /

    Pick 1 Film to advance

    • an alien egg glows neon yellow as it hatches
    • a scary little boy
  • Question /

    Pick 1 Film to Advance

    • freddy krueger with knife handed glove
      A Nightmare on Elm Street
    • funny games poster
      Funny Games

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