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Horror Film Tournament: Round 1 Bracket C

Horror Icon collage of characters from famous horror movies
Horror collage art by Chais Labgenz

64 horror films start. Only one can be crowned the winner of the first ever “25YL Horror Film Tournament”. The concept is simple—look at each matchup and vote for the film you like better. The tournament will continue until on Halloween Day, only 1 film is left standing, voted by our readers as their favorite.


Let the tournament begin!

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    Pick 1 Film to advance

    • a woman screams with terror in the shower
    • a demented man holds up a large shotgun while standing in long grass
      Cannibal Holocaust
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    Pick 1 Film to advance

    • a man turns into a werewolf
      American Werewolf in London
    • a man cries with fear
      Get Out
  • Question /

    Pick 1 Film to advance

    • The thing a spider like alien creature
      The Thing
    • poster for Cabin Fever
      Cabin Fever
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    Pick 1 Film to advance

    • sleepaway camp poster
      Sleepaway Camp
    • a couple kissing in a car at night
      It Follows
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    Pick 1 Film to Advance

    • a green skinned zombie with a bloodied shirt
      Dawn of the Dead
    • poster for Black Christmas shows a woman with a plastic bag over her head and holding a candle
      Black Christmas
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    Pick 1 Film to advance

    • a woman under the floorboards with a demonic face
      Evil Dead
    • Candyman with honeycomb
  • Question /

    Pick 1 Film to advance

    • tippi hedren in a phone booth being attacked by birds
      The Birds
    • the monster from hills have eyes
      The Hills Have Eyes
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    Pick 1 Film to advance

    • michael myers peers over the top of a staircase with a knife in his hand and mask on
    • the silhouette of a naked woman in a forest
      The Witch

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